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08 Topics That Tend To Go Nowhere (alt.tv.simpsons)


This article is from the The Simpsons FAQ, by Ondre Lombard wakkojr@nospam.wcat.com and Andrew Gill superluser@mail.rit.edu with numerous contributions by others.

08 Topics That Tend To Go Nowhere (alt.tv.simpsons)

As with most newsgroups, certain threads have been beaten to death.
These issues generally revolve around topics that are based on individual
interpretations of the evidence presented. As such, there are no set answers,
and a large percentage of the readers have either already made up their minds
on the subject, or have been bombarded with the topic before.

In the fall of 1997 (and then again in the summer of 1998), Ben Collins
<ben@snpp.com> held a monthlong poll on alt.tv.simpsons which got a
pretty respectable response that would determine what is considered the best
episode of The Simpsons, and what is considered the worst. As of the 1998
poll, "Lisa's Wedding" was voted best episode, and "All Singing, All Dancing"
was voted worst. The results of this poll will hopefully be helpful in putting
an end to this tired debate. Ben Collins is also responsible for a series of
polls which provide conclusive collective opinions on some of the Topics that
Tend to Go Nowhere which plague alt.tv.simpsons. See the results of his
alt.tv.simpsons polls at <http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Studio/7587/>

The following is a list of topics which competantly meet the requirements
for being a "topic that tends to go no where." As such, it's probably a good
idea to try and avoid them.

- Favorite Quotes
- Favorite [insert character name] Quotes
- Favorite Episodes
- [insert episode name here] is the Best Episode Ever.
- [insert episode name here] is the Worst Episode Ever.
- [insert character here] Sucks.
- [insert season number here] was the Best Season Ever.
- [insert season number here] was the Worst Season Ever.
- Character development is better than cheap gags.
- If you don't like the way the show is headed, then stop watching it.
- You shouldn't complain about new episodes, everything else on TV sucks.
- Stop complaining about new episodes, one day the show won't be here
to complain about anymore.
- Smithers is gay, Burns-sexual or bisexual.

Be respectful of other people's opinions. If there are people posting
negative/positive reviews for episodes of later/earlier years, let it be.
Some of the above listed topics tend to generate strong emotional feelings from
some people, and if you wish to discuss them, it's best to take it to private
e-mail or not to discuss it at all if you don't wish to discuss it rationally
and courteously. (See Sec 2.1, Sec 3.2)

In addition, it is wise to avoid fanning the flames of posters who are
intentionally starting inflammatory threads simply to elicit an angry
response by not responding to them. These are called trolls, and even
alt.tv.simpsons isn't immune to them.

Also, it is asked that binary files (GIFs, JPEGs, WAVs, MPEGs, etc.) be
directed to the appropriate alt.binaries.* newsgroup rather than posting them
to a.t.s directly.


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