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6.9 References, thanks, and further readings (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

6.9 References, thanks, and further readings (ER)

I've spent the past three months mired in research papers (in addition
to my clinical duties), so writing something I didn't have to reference and
properly document was a nice change. There isn't much to reference here,
actually, because most of it is opinion, experience, and observations
construed as fact. All of this -- and I do mean all of it -- is coming from
my perspective. If you have another one, please let me know and I might
include it in the next update: I'm always willing to swap war stories and
listen to tales about emergency medicine as it's practiced outside of my
universe. And hey, maybe if I'm in your part of the world, we can sit down
and do this over a pint or two, which is the way it's supposed to be done. :)

The DNR information came from Marny Helfrich and lived in the previous
version of this FAQ section. Details of when to disregard a DNR policy came
from both my local procedures manual and the policies of the British Columbia
Ambulance Service, neither of which you're too likely to run into on
bookshelves. If anyone is interested in some of the arguments surrounding
suffering, I highly recommend Eric Cassall's book "The Nature of Suffering
and the Goals of Medicine." I read this a while ago and it changed the way
I looked at medicine, probably for the better.

I'd like to thank everyone I met and talked to at the 7th International
Conference on Emergency Medicine, but especially Sarah, who at least had the
good grace to not choke on her beer when I told her some of my stories. I
had a blast, and I'm looking forward to Boston in two years time. To my
co-workers who may find this on the net, thanks for helping to keep me
sane and for making up the best team of doctors, nurses and paramedics I've
ever had the pleasure to work with. You guys kick ass.

Thanks also to Rose Cooper for entrusting me with this document, which,
now that I think about it, was a pretty silly move. But it's done now. Watch
for the next update to come in a year and a half. :)

6.91 Flames, comments, additions, disclaimers

Did I miss something? [Rose "Engineer Scott" Cooper's note: after
all 'at? Ah canna see how, Capt'n! Ach, mah bairns, mah lovely bairns!].
Direct your questions, recommendations, and complaints to
<phloem@fumbling.com>, please. Letter bombs will be returned un-opened.
I don't give out medical advice over the net, so don't ask. If you feel
weird, go see your own doctor. Open away from you. 100% digital data;
contents may have settled during transmission. Bits for rent, enquire
within. Not for use with some brains, blood types, or hairstyles. File
size is by weight, not volume [Rose's note: hmmm...]. BHT added as a
preservative. Do not give nitrates with this product. Anything you do is
your own fault.

For Eric, the greatest doctor I ever knew -- irony sucks, man.
I miss you.

-mike sugimoto, gmd/ss <phloem@fumbling.com> <http://www.fumbling.com/>

[aka "What was that song playing...?"]


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