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5.48 Who assaulted Mark Greene? (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

5.48 Who assaulted Mark Greene? (ER)

In "Random Acts" [320], Mark is the victim of a brutal
attack by a hooded man, in one of the hospital`s restrooms.
Mark had interacted that day with several hostile people, all
patients or relatives of patients, and after recovering, was
convinced that one of them was the person who attacked him.

The most likely suspect, as Mark saw it, was a young black
man named Chris Law, whose brother Kenny had died in the ER while
undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound. Kenny was an innocent
bystander in the gun battle that claimed his life, but Chris
believed that Kenny received sub-standard treatment in the ER
due to being black, and blamed Mark especially for his brother`s
death. He confronted Mark after his mother received the bill
from the hospital, saying that they wouldn`t pay it, and if they
ever got another bill, "maybe I`m gonna kick some ass. Maybe
I`ll start with yours"; (but in "Do you see what I see?" [410],
Mark admits that Chris wasn't his attacker, which Chris acknowledges).
Mark was also threatened that same day by an irate father who didn`t
like the fact that his daughter was being treated by an intern, and
also by a deranged patient in a wheelchair.

However, the police inform Mark that they`ve checked
out all the possible suspects (i.e. people who confronted Mark)
and they all turned up clean. Later, a detective tells Mark
that they`ve apprehended a man who attacked a doctor at another
hospital. This would seem to indicate that the attacker, if it`s
the same man, is a serial mugger with a vendetta against doctors.


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