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5.45 When did Peter and Jeanie date? (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

5.45 When did Peter and Jeanie date? (ER)

From the moment Jeanie Boulet was introduced on the show in
the first season, it was pretty apparent that the writers were going
to have her and Peter get involved romantically; the question was,
when? She first appeared as a physical therapist, and was assigned
the task of caring for Peter`s ailing mother. Caring for her brought
Peter and Jeanie closer, and closer still when Mrs. Benton died.

Although Jeanie was married, she and Peter fell into a
relationship which was mostly carried on off-camera, during the
summer break between the first and second seasons. (In the second
season opener, "Welcome Back, Carter" [201], when Peter and Jeanie
are shown in bed together, it`s the first notice at all that they`re
an actual item.) Despite the fragility of her marriage, Jeanie tells
Peter in "Do One, Teach One, Kill One" [203] that she`s not ready to
walk out on her husband, and she and Peter part.

A month later ("Days Like This", [206]), Jeanie came to the
hospital to work full-time as a physician`s assistant, which results
in some awkwardness between her and Peter. Despite the fact that her
marriage with Al Boulet did eventually end (though they`re still
legally married), she and Peter sustain an emotionally distant if
generally professional relationship. Recent developments with Jeanie
testing HIV-positive (via Al) have not fundamentally changed this.

5.451 "Reese"? "Reece"? How _is_ that child's name spelled?

Another good question. And I rail mightily against the answer.

Peter Benton and his ex-girlfriend Carla Reese/Reece had a
premature [and beautiful--or more precisely, the child playing
their son is beautiful; an absolute doll. Early Baby Benton was a
_real_ doll. But I digress] baby boy in "Make A Wish" [321]. Up
until Phyl Behrer pointed out a scene in "Tribes" [317] that goes
against all pre-existing logic, I thought I knew what Carla's last,
and the boy's first, name was: "Reese", of course. After all,
that's how it's spelled Everywhere Else I Looked. But the evidence
in that episode is undeniable. As Phyl said, "at the end of the
episode, Peter spots a tape that's labeled:

Reece, Carla
Fetal Ultrasound

And it has the date."

Now, I wanted to believe that the (mis)spelling was just an ER goof.
But to be so accurate with the date, yet clumsy with the name,
would be, well, just plain dumb. So, Bammer sez (against everything
that Makes Sense In My World) that "Reece" is the word. sigh.

*5.452 Is Reese/Reece...ahhh hell, Baby Boy Benton, deaf?

[My oh my, aren't _we_ full of good questions?]

As mentioned above, Carla and Peter had Reese/Reece prematurely (er,
literally and figuratively); at the end of season 3, it looked like
they were Headed For Rough Times with him, in his perilous condition--
but that never really took hold during S4 [aka "the wonder year"; aaka
"Cupid's Revenge". But yet again, I digress.] and he seemed to come
away totally unaffected. However, S4 ended with a question in the
air: is Reese/Reece deaf? *And as we find out in S5, the answer
is, yes.


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