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2.13 ER Recurring Cast:


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

2.13 ER Recurring Cast:

(Note: I define a "recurring" character as someone
who's appeared in more than one episode in
*unrelated* storylines, or has their own storyline.
Patients who appear over the course of several episodes
as part of the same medical storyline aren't listed here.)

Dr. Maggie Doyle, played by Jorja[n] Fox
ER Resident, third-year

Dr. Donald Anspaugh, played by John Aylward
Hospital Chief of Staff

Dr. Neal Bernstein, played by David Spielberg
Head of Pediatrics

Al Boulet, played by Wolfgang Bodison (first season)
and Michael Beach (after first season)
Jeanie's ex-husband [currently doyled somewhere in Atlanta,
waiting for his storyline to start again]

Mary Cain, played by Fran Bennett
Head of hospital re-engineering committee

Dr. Janet Coburn, played by Amy Aquino
OB/GYN attending

Drummond, played by Paul Collins
Hospital labor rep

Officer Al Grabarsky, played by Mike Genovese
Local policeman, married to Lydia

Jennifer Greene, played by Christine Harnos
Mark's ex-wife, a lawyer currently clerking

Rachel Greene, played by Yvonne Zima
Mark's daughter

Helen Hathaway, played by *Giorgi Tarian (first season)
and Rose Gregorio (after first season)
Carol's mother

Jackie, played by Khandi Alexander
Peter's sister

Carla Reese, played by Lisa Nicole Carson
Peter's ex-girlfriend, and now mother of his child

Reese [Reece]~ Benton, played by Matthew Watkins
Peter Benton and Carla Reese's son
[name of original actor playing Baby Boy Benton, unknown]

Craig Simon, played by Bruce Nozick
Jenn Greene's husband
[off playing "What's My Line" with Al]

Kathy Snyder, played by Meghan Gallagher
Legal counsel for the hospital

Dr. Tabash, played by Ted Rooney
Surgical obstetrics specialist

Dr. Jack Kaysen, played by Sam Anderson

E. Ray Bozeman, played by Charles Noland
Ex-nursing assistant, now administrations desk

Dr. Robert "Rocket" Romano, played by Paul McCrane
Surgical Attending
[and pelvis-girdle-hole-driller extraordinare]

Chase Carter, played by Jonathan Scarfe
John Carter's addicted cousin

Millicent "Gamma" Carter, played by Frances Sternhagen
John Carter's grandmother, and Carol's clinic-benefactor

Allison Beaumont, played by Michele Morgan
EMT/Paramedic, and ongoing patient of Dr. Corday's

Dr. Dale Edson, played by Matthew Glave
Surgical Resident, third-year (season 5)
[...and all-around pipsqueak]

*Roxanne Please, played by Julie Bowen
Carter's Season 5 [ObBlonde] girlfriend

*Dr. Amanda Lee, played by Mare Winningham
Chief of Emergency Services, Season 5
[aka "One of the baddest ER bitches out there"]


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