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14. Where/when can I catch Charmed?


This article is from the Charmed FAQ, by Colin A. McGregor (faq@mcgregor.org) with numerous contributions by others.

14. Where/when can I catch Charmed?

Below are the normal broadcast times for Charmed in a number of places. Do
keep in mind that the broadcast times shown are the normal times, and can
be subject to change due to special events, sporting events running into
overtime, etc., etc., so do check your local TV listings to confirm times.
Thanks to MIB, Brian Condron, John Fletcher, Will Harris, Reggie van
Leeuwen, Jonas S. Madsen, Vico, Nae, Noel Carroll, Carl, Sogs, Steve
Pullan, Jurriaan van Doornik, Per Goetterup, Michael Wimmer, S.J.
Grootscholten (Netherlands), Dalaughterman (Ireland), Kender Forever
(Netherlands) Martin Sack (Germany), Joerg Plate (Germany), Patricia Rareg
(France) Domerico (Italy), Trevor Ashman (New Zealand), Glenn Phillips
(New Zealand), Cardman (U.K.) and Ina Kristine Berg (Norway) for their
notes about Charmed in their parts of the world. With the exception of the
Canadian and U.S. listings (that I can check via my local TV listings),
the following are based on reports that have been e-mailed to me or posted
in alt.tv.charmed, so notes about errors/updates are very much

Nation: Network: Time: Comments:
Australia Channel 10 8:30 PM Tuesday
Belgium M6 20:50 Saturday - Showing season 2
Canada CTV - 8:00 PM Sunday - Showing season 5
Denmark TV3 10:00 PM Thursday Repeat Friday midnight
France M6 20:50 Saturday Showing season 3
Germany PRO7 20:15 Wednesday (repeats at 1:30 Thursday) Showing season 4
Season 5 starts October 8th, 2003
Italy RaiDue 21:00 Wednesday Showing season 3
Ireland TV3 8:00 PM Friday
Netherlands Not currently being shown.
New Zealand Not currently being shown.
Norway TV3 20:30 Tuesday & Wednesday - Showing season 4
TV3 15:35 Monday to Friday - Showing season 3
ZTV 20:00 Sunday - Showing season 3
Philippines Studio 23 9:00 PM Monday
Sweden TV3 Wednesday
Switzerland TSR 5:20 PM Sunday French & English
U.K. Channel 5 6:55 PM on Saturday.
Living: 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM on Saturday, then at 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM and
8:00 PM on Sunday.
U.S.A. WB 8 PM Eastern Sunday
7 PM Central time Showing season 5
TNT Monday to Friday 9 AM & 6 PM Eastern seasons 1-4
Tuesday 10 PM Eastern season 5


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