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47 Personal Experiences Of H-1 Multiple Entry Visas From Canada:Mexico


This article is from the FAQ, by with numerous contributions by others.

47 Personal Experiences Of H-1 Multiple Entry Visas From Canada:Mexico

Juarez - [NEW]
Vanishree Velichety
06/09/97 03:08 PM
Hi Rajiv,
Thanks a lot as I have benefited from your immigration web site and your
help over the phone.

I am sending in my experience in Juarez, Mexico on 23rd May. I will not be
repeating the detailed process as it is already available on the FAQ web
page. There are some different things which I would like others to know.

Now a days one has to take appointment for Mexico and the appointment
number is the same 900 number on the FAQ page.
Now a days one needs an Mexican visa to enter Mexico, this is also taken
care by Victor Garcia. The fees he charges now a days is $25.00(mexican
visa)+$35.00 for the taxi. So, as soon as the appointment is taken one has
to speed post the following to Victor Garcia's address, which one can get
by calling his home (915) 564-3691 --
1. copy of the main passport pages -- which has name and picture
2. copy of the current visa stamp on passport
3. copy of I-797
4. Notarised Spanish letter -- Victor will fax a sample letter to you, if
you contact him.
5. Either ones appointment letter (with the consulate, which comes from
Canada) or the appointment number which one gets as soon as appointment is
6. Date of your appointment, time does not matter as it is 10:00AM for
The above documents helps him to get a Mexican visa for you.

List of documents which you carry is the most important as everybody else
has also mentioned. List is already available on FAQ page. Only one
suggestion -- take all documents related to your present and all previous
jobs, all documents related to your studies and anything connected by USA.

Now a days i.e. since past 2 months, most of the people who have been there
seemed to get visa. Yes, before that for a few months it was very strict.
But now, not too many go there. The day I visited this place only 7
foreigners were there and out of which 5 were Indians. All of us got visa
except one but he was rejected due to lack of proper documents.

One nice thing about the present appointment system is that you do not have
to go to the consulate at 4:00AM and wait, you can reach that place at
10:00 AM i.e. 9:00AM El Paso time -- no more long Que.

In the beginning one person takes the following documents (may vary
slightly in different cases) --
1. I-797 -- original
2. Pay stub
3. Attorney certified copy of I-129
4. Attorney certified copy of LCA
5. Passport
6. Appointment letter
7. Application form + a passport size photograph
8. Letter from the company describing the purpose
9. W4
10. copy of degree certificate

Then you are asked to wait -- could be an hour waiting also. Then another
person comes with all your submitted documents and calls out your name and
interviews you. Sometimes, you might be asked a lot of questions but if you
have supporting documents -- you got it! I am writing in short my
experience --

Q How did you get the present job?

Through an newspaper ad.

Q How do you prove that you qualify for the job?

(As I have an Indian Eng. degree and Indian experience only) I just show
him the "Education evaluators certificate" which says that my Indian Eng.
degree is equivalent to US Eng. degree.

Q Can you get fake degrees in India?

Not that I know of.

Q But I think one can get it?

I don't know.

Q How does these Education Evaluators evaluate the education?

I don't know, may be the syllabus.

Q But I am sure they don't think about the fake degrees.


Q But just having degree does not prove that you are eligible for the job.

I show him my previous company's 3 yrs experience letter of India.

Q (sees it for sometime) Anybody can type it and sign.

(Keeping a cool face and ofcourse smiling)Anything can happen. I can
only say that these are not fake, I cannot prove at this time that they are
not fake but I have been working in USA for over an year without any
problems which would have not happened if these were fake -- and if these
are not fake then that proves that I am eligible for the job.

Q How much do they pay you?

I showed my HR's letter stating the salary.

Q Go to the cash counter and pay the money and get me the receipt right

That is it and I was called at 3:00PM to collect the passport. When I went
at 3:00PM, it took around 4:30PM to come out. We walked to the consulate
and there it took us 3 and half hour i.e around 7:30PM, I got my new I-94.
After that you have to pay $6.00 and come out.

It is better to book a flight back after 8:00PM as I missed mine.

Best of luck and I hope this experience helps.
-- Vanishree

Juarez - NEW2
Experience 1997

Dear Mr.Khanna,
Let me thank you profoundly for providing very vital and useful information
at your web site. We benefitted a lot from the readings contained in H1-B
questionaire. I want to share my experiences when I (Actually we, me and my
wife) went to Ciudad Juareez in Mexico. We took the following documents.
I have indicated in the brackets whether they asked for the document or not
by saying "Asked for" or "Not asked".

1. Original I-797 ----- [Asked for]
2. Attorney certified copy of I-129 ----- [Asked for]
3. Attorney certified LCA ----- [Asked for]
4. Employer's letters about the offer and why we need multiple entry H1-B.
----- [Asked for]
5. Original Degree certificates ----- [Asked for]
6. Pay slips ----- [Asked for one slip]
7. Fee in cash ($100.00 ( for visa ) + $ 20.00 (for MRV)) [ A must
ofcourse ]
8.Check book ( If there is any emergency ...) ---- [Not asked]
9. Federal and State Tax returns ---- [Not asked]
10. Company Brochure ----- [Asked for]
11. Telephone Bill ---- [Not asked]

The interview process was a little bit thorough but cool. There were nearly
20 applicants ( 9 in Computer related fields and one Doctor). Everyone was
granted multiple entry. But ... we witnessed some ragging. One of the
consular officers was very rude and asked questions that are totally
irrelavant. Here is the listing of the questions ( We could overhear)
1. Why did not you go back to your country after studies ? ( The most
pestered question)
( Ans : want to gain some experience)
2. Why can not you gain the same in your country ?
( Ans : Want to get aquainted with the latest technology )
3. Do not you have latest technology in your country ?
( Ans : Yes, But want to get some exposure here in US before going back
4. First question repeated .
(Ans : As I said I wanted gain some experience )
5. That is true. But still you could have gone back. Why did not you do
that ?
(Ans : Stood quiet)
6. Now the nerration started : I know why you did not go back. You want to
settle here. Moreover you can not get a job in your country. Writr a letter
to your government stating that they can not provide us jobs in India ;
that is why we are sticking here . With some strong language this went on
for some time. The response from the candidate's side was "Just be quiet
and keep listening ".

At last he said, "Take your stuff out ". ( He granted visa while saying so)

The above interview was repeated to two more persons.

Our conclusion : There is nothing to panic unless you have some missing
documentation or were out of status. The consular officer knew that he
would not be able to reject visa on legal grounds as all the needed
documentation was on his desk. So we thought that he decided to harass just
for the heck of it, alhough he granted visa eventually.

Again, thanks for your tremendous help and wish you good luck.

Juarez - [OLD]
A little outdated

Ciudad Juarez (across the border from El Paso, Texas)
I made a pilgrimage to Ciudad Juarez[July 1994], Mexico across the
border from El Paso, Texas. I was graced and granted a multiple entry
H-1B visa a couple of days back. Almost all the people who applied for
H-1B visas that day were granted the visa. The interview with the
consular officer was less than 2 minutes. Although I was carrying
extensive documentation with me, the officer only wanted to see the
H-1B approval notice and my Ph.D. diploma.

Juarez - [OLD2]
17 July 1996

Here is a brief summary of my experience in Juarez(17th July):

I reached El Paso on 16th of July (night) and took a cab to La Playa
Hotel in Juarez. The flat rate for cabs is $30.00. Checked into La Playa
and ate dinner at Denny's, a block from the hotel. I would recommend
everybody to carry a few (3/person) small water bottles from the US. I
heard the H2O in Mexico is like the H2O in India(abundant in sand and
micro-organisms). I committed the sin of keeping my water bottle on
the table at the restaurant and I could see the waitress wasn't impressed.
One can also buy water at a liquor store on the way to Denny's. Candy
bars (heavy ones like PowerBars) are a good source of breakfast while
waiting in the line.
Stood in line around 4:30AM/after a dozen people got in line
(Mondays and Fridays are pretty busy). Interview was routine and was
out by 8:30AM.

Questions asked: Where did you graduate from? Can I see your degree
certificate? Can I see the letter from your employer? (even before I took
my degree certificate out). All were brushed aside even without a look.
You will be told to collect your visa at 3PM (if you are approved).
There is no need to get in line early at 3PM as the order does not matter.
Got together with a bunch of guys and took a cab to the border. Got
a new I94 and was back home in time to celebrate.

I would strongly recommend checking the weather in El Paso and
equipping accordingly. It rained cats and dogs on the day I went
(even though it was summer!). Luckily the towels from La Playa came
Checking into La Playa is cool for the following reasons:
- It is inexpensive (US$26.00).
- Can see the line forming in front of the consulate from the room.
- If traveling with companion, can swap standing in line.
- Can rest (or watch Spanish TV) after submitting documents
- A good refuge if told to come back the next day to get the visa (due to
the computers going down or your passport being misplaced :-).
- Could use the towels in case of rain (-;
- Could use the restroom in case the Mexican dinner didn't agree with
your system.

The only disadvantage I see is that people tend to get adventurous
and go out to check the night clubs around the area. I gather it is very
embarrassing and risky if one gets caught (in case of a raid) without
the right visa/documents.

Make absolutely sure that everything is spelt right on your visa.
Look for the M (Multiple) in the Entry area. One guy was issued a single-
entry visa and he realized it only after it was canceled upon his entry
into the US at the border. He had to go through' the whole process again(?)
Book a flight leaving El Paso after 5:30PM so you have ample time to
get a new I94 and rush back to the airport. Cameras and firearms are
not allowed inside the consulate. It is a good idea to leave them in
your hotel room. It is an even better idea to leave them home as there
is nothing worthwhile to shoot around the consulate (pun intended).
It is also recommended to present oneself in formal wear (No, not in a
suit). Nobody sane would issue a visa to a person in tattered jeans and
tank top carrying a letter stating he's a globe-trotting businessman.
Last but not the least, make sure your attorney is not on vacation
on the day of your trial.

Good luck and have a fun trip.
shashi (shashi@silma.com)

Now some serious stuff.
Documents I had on me:

--------Absolutely necessary docs----without these, don't even dream of
stepping out of the country.

Legend: * --> Documents asked during my interview.

- *I-797 (approval notice) in original. *DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE THE
(The whole doc. is a letter of approval and an I94 in the bottom
of the letter. Contact your lawyer in case you do not find the
I94/bottom portion of letter).
- *Valid Passport
- I-129 copy (Attorney certified)
- LCA copy also known as ETA9035 (Attorney certified)
- *Visa Photo ( 37mm * 37 mm)
- *Employment verification letter (from HR) saying what you do,
how much you make and how imp. you are to the co., etc.
- Letter from boss requesting the consulate to grant you *MULTIPLE-ENTRY*
visa for future international travel
- *Degree certificates (original preferred)
- I-20s
- Old I94
- VISA fees US$120.00
--------Supporting docs---these help if you have problems.

- SSN card, drivers license
- Latest bank statement
- Latest telephone bill (to show India connection)
- Transcripts (to prove you did take ballroom-I ;-)
- Tax forms/W-2 copy (to say you have been a responsible person)
- Pay stubs and company ID (like badge and B card)
- Company literature

Useful phone numbers:
Your company HR, your attorney

Cab driver Victor/Marco Garcia's number

Hotel La Playa, Juarez, Mexico. (Try a couple of times. Don't give up
if you get Ms.Dontspeakenglish on line)
(16) 13-71-87
(16) 13-71-88

US Consulate (To verify if they are open on the day of your visit.
Try early hours)
(16) 13-40-48
(16) 13-40-50
(16) 16-80-80

What is the phone number of US consulate in Juarez, Mexico?

Country code: 52
Area code: 16
Phone #: 13-40-48


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