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15: Tuva: Are audio recordings available?


This article is from the Tuva FAQ, by Kerry Yackoboski kerryy@nortel.ca with numerous contributions by Bernard Greenberg, Bernard Dubriel, Alan Shrives, Kevin Williams, Albert Kuvezin, Dr Oliver Corff, Mike Vande Bunt, Ralph Leighton, Masahiko Todoriki, Alan Leighton, Ken Simon, and Sami Jansson.

15: Tuva: Are audio recordings available?

I'm glad you asked. Long gone are the days when Tuvan (and other central
Asian) music was difficult to find; the enthusiast now has a wonderful
array of offerings to choose from. Of course, not all of these recordings
are available in every store, but we've tried to supply all the information
needed to place a special order. of course, if you're not certain of what
you want, you can always ask in Usenet newsgroup alt.culture.tuva.

1 - Tuva: Voices From The Center Of Asia.
Smithsonian Folkways CD SF 40017
Distributed by Rounder Records, Cambridge MA.

33 tracks, 41'50, featuring numerous performers
recorded in Tuva by Ted Levin, Eduard Alexeev, Zoya
Kirgiz. Khoomei, jew's harp, sigit, animal imitations.
Excellent, scholarly, musicological liner notes.

2 - Tuva: Voices from the Land of the Eagles
Pan Records CD 2005CD
P.O. Box 155, 2300 AD Leiden, Netherlands

11 tracks, 46'46, khomus, tyzani, igil, amirga,
toshpular. Features Kongar-ool Ondar, Kaigal-ool
Khovalig, Gennadi Tumat, all soloists of the folk
ensemble Tuva. Recorded February 23, 1991. Excellent
liner notes.

3 - Voix de l'Orient Sovietique
Inedit W 260008
Maison des Cultures Du Monde , Paris

Only one Khoomei track, but it is supposedly very good.
Other tracks from other Soviet (now CIS) central Asian
republics. [I don't have this one - Kerry]

4 - Mongolian Folk Music
Hungaroton HCD 18013-14

Selected from the 1967 year's collection by Lajos
Vargyas. [I don't have this one - Kerry]

5 - Mongolie- Musique vocale et instrumentale
Inedit W 460009

[I don't have this one - Kerry]

6 - Sainkho Namtchylak - Lost Rivers
Free Music Productions FMP CD 42
Postbox 100 227, 1000 Berlin 10, Germany

Solo voice. Avante garde singing, with some polyphonic
singing. 13 tracks, 74'18.

7 - Sainkho Namtchylak - When the Sun Is Out You Don't See Stars
Free Music Productions FMP CD 38

With Peter Kowald (bass), Werner Ludi (saxes), Butch
Morris (cornet). 20 tracks, 72,50, less avante garde
than Lost Rivers.

8 - Sainkho Namtchylak - Out Of Tuva
Cramworld/Crammed Discs CD CRAW6
Released 1993.
Recorded between 1986 and 1993 in Kyzyl, Moscow, Wuppertal,
Paris, and Brussels.

Mostly pop songs incorporating traditional folklore and
some traditional techniques, the liner notes explain
that these are recordings that Sainkho had made with no
plans to release them. Muscovite Artemy Troitsky
thought that they should be released and put them on
this disk, along with three new songs.

The songs are generally less esoteric than other
Sainkho works and they are far more accessible to the
casual listener. The featured instrument is her voice,
and the accompaniment varies from somewhat bare
percussion to a large orchestra to synthesized washes.
I like this disc more than the other Sainkho ones I've
heard, and if I were to recommend a first Sainkho album
to newcomers, this would be it.

As an added bonus, the insert artwork is pretty good;
the cover is a stunning photo of Sainkho's face and
shoulders superimposed in front of a bright blur of
colour. The liner notes are good but too brief; only
some of the songs have accompanying notes listing the
details of the recording. 13 Tracks, total length


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