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This article is from the Tuva FAQ, by Kerry Yackoboski kerryy@nortel.ca with numerous contributions by Bernard Greenberg, Bernard Dubriel, Alan Shrives, Kevin Williams, Albert Kuvezin, Dr Oliver Corff, Mike Vande Bunt, Ralph Leighton, Masahiko Todoriki, Alan Leighton, Ken Simon, and Sami Jansson.

15: Tuva: Are audio recordings available? p9

48- Huun-Huur-Tu: Where Young Grass Grows
Shanachie Records CD 66018

15 tracks, 45'05. No review available yet. Tracklist: 1
Ezir-Kara 2 Anatoly On Horseback 3 Deke-Jo 4 Xöömeyimny
Kagbasla Men (I will not abandon my xöömei) 5 Avam
Churtu Dugayimny (Dugai, the land of my mother) 6
Dyngyldai 7 Highland Tune 8 Hayang (name of a hunter) 9
Barlyk River 10 Tarlaashkyn 11 Interlude: Sayan playing
khomus with water in his mouth 12 Sarala 13 Sagla
Khadyn Turula Boor (It's probably windy on Sagly
steppe) 14 Ezertep-Le Bereyin Be (Do you want me to
saddle you?) 15 Live Recording: Anatoly and Kaigal-ool
riding horses in Eleges while singing sygyt (Anatoly),
kargyraa and xöömei (Kaigal-ool)

49- Tuva, Among the Spirits: Sound, Music, and Nature in
Sakha and Tuva
Smithsonian Folkways CD SFW 40452

19 tracks, 49'00, featuring numerous performers
recorded in Tuva and Sakha by Ted Levin and Joel
Gordon. Excellent music with excellent scholarly,
musicological liner notes. To be reviewed further.

50- Tarbagan: Tarbagan Rises On The Earth
BooxBox World Wide Music CD BWM-A801

14 tracks. Japanese release featuring Haruhiko Saga and
Masahiko Todoriki.

51- Yat-Kha: Dalai Beldiri
Wicklow Entertainment LLC

10 tracks, 46:05. More amazing bass from Albert Kuvezin
with Aldyn-ool Sevek and Zhenya Tkach'v. Mainly
traditional songs arranged in a modern style by
Kuvezin; some exciting sounds. This is a very
natural-sounding album and the fusion doesn't sound at
all forced and contrived - a very musical record. Comes
in a cool package with some great photos.

51- Shu-De: Kongurei
Newtone Records - NT 6745 2 CD

12 tracks.


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