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This article is from the Tuva FAQ, by Kerry Yackoboski kerryy@nortel.ca with numerous contributions by Bernard Greenberg, Bernard Dubriel, Alan Shrives, Kevin Williams, Albert Kuvezin, Dr Oliver Corff, Mike Vande Bunt, Ralph Leighton, Masahiko Todoriki, Alan Leighton, Ken Simon, and Sami Jansson.

15: Tuva: Are audio recordings available? p3

19- Uzlyau: Guttural Singing of the People of the Sayan, Altai,
and Ural Mountains
(1993) PAN 2019CD (PAN Records Ethnic Series)

37 recordings from Russian archives form a catalog of
all known styles of overtone singing from Tuva (12),
Altai (2), and Baskhiria (23), collected, produced,
(partially) recorded, and documented in encyclopaedic,
scholarly liner notes by Vyacheslav Shchurov. Studio
and field recordings, featuring master khoomigch
Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool in some awesome 1977
performances recored by Radio Moscow. Some doshpuluur
and khomus, but almost all vocal. Some absolute
knockout kargyraa. A must. [BSG]

20- Tales of Tuva

Kira Van Deusen recites three Tuvan stories (in
English) with musical accompaniment by Kongar-ool
Ondar, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, and Anatoli Kuular.

21- Shu-De: Voices from the Distant Steppe
Realworld/WOMAD Productions (Real World Records Ltd)
(In US): Carol 2339-2 Caroline Records, Inc 111 West 26th
New York NY 10001

16 tracks by the Tuvan ensemble Shu-De (M. Mongush, L.
Oorzhak, N. Shoigu, B. Salchak, O. Kuular), including
all varieties of khoomei, igil, doshpuluur, & limbi
(flute) playing, plus a wide variety of styles from
Buddhist Chant to Tuvan tongue twisters to
Western-style choral harmony. A shamanic ritual ends
out the CD. A magnificent kargyraa cut by Leonid
Oorzhak is a highlight. Eminently listenable. (Spring
1994). Weak liner notes. [BSG]

22- Tuvinian Singers & Musicians: Khoomei: Throat-Singing from
the Center of Asia.
Distributed in Germany via Zweitausendeins Versand, Postfach,
D-60381 Frankfurt. Order Number 55838.

Volume 21 of the World Network series, a coproduction
from WDR (West-deutscher Rundfunk - a major TV and
radio station in Germany) and World Network.

16 tracks (total playing time: 64' 01"), partially
recorded in Cologne in April 1993 and in Tuva in
September 1992. Performers include Schaktar Schulban, a
10 year old boy, the 18 year-olds Ondar Mongun-Ool and
Bujan Dondak, and the Tuva Ensemble, founded in 1988 by
Gennadi Tumat, Oleg Kuular, Stas Danmaa and Alexander

This CD can be warmly recommended to all lovers of
Tuvinian music. The music presented is a well performed
collection of authentic vocal and instrumental pieces.
Since all pieces are strictly traditional this CD
cannot be compared to the performance by e.g. Sainkho.
Track no. 9, performed by the unusually young artist
Schaktar Schulban, reveals the enormous talent of this
promising singer.

The CD is very interesting because next to the overview
of singing styles the listener is also introduced to a
representative spectrum of instrumental music. [OC]

23- Tuvinski Folklore
Melodiya Stereo 33 C60-14937-42 1981, Out of print.

This three LP set features a total of 65 tracks, most
of which are khoomei, and instrumental music. One
entire disk (both sides) is devoted to two tracks, each
over 24 minutes long, of byzanchi playing. There are
also several tracks of story telling, and a few of the
musical numbers are repeated with variations or in
slightly different styles.

The Melodiya record that Feynman had is apparently
unavailable, although the vaults of recording agencies
in the former USSR have been opened to interested
entrepreneurs. Latest reports say that the masters have
been lost.

24- Kronos Quartet: Night Prayers
Elektra Nonesuch CD 2 79346
Distributed by Warner Music.

One track on this CD, "Kongerei", features Kaigal-ool
Khovalyg, Anatoly Kuular, and Kongar-ool Ondar singing
along to the accompaniment of the Quartet (2 violins, 1
viola, 1 cello). This new version is interesting in
it's approach to a traditional Tuvan song with modern
Western instruments.


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