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31 Does Sri Lanka have e-mail?


This article is from the Sri Lanka FAQ, by Prasad Dharmasena dharma@eng.umd.edu with numerous contributions by others.

31 Does Sri Lanka have e-mail?

Lanka Academic Network (LAcNet), a not for profit organization created by
overseas Sri Lankans, provides an electronic mail service to the following
institutions in Sri Lanka. Sanjiva Weerawarana <saw@cs.purdue.edu>
operates the US end of the link. This connects to the SL hub (LEARN mail)
at the University of Moratuwa. This connection is NOT an internet link.
One cannot telnet or FTP to Sri Lanka, yet. Plans are underway to implement
a real-time internet connection ... real soon now. :-)

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 08:19:45 est
From: Gihan Dias <gihan@cse.mrt.ac.lk>

U. Moratuwa
cse.mrt.ac.lk Dept. of Computer Science and Eng.
ent.mrt.ac.lk Dept. of Electronics and Telecom Eng.
elect.mrt.ac.lk Dept. of Electrical Eng.
civil.mrt.ac.lk Dept. of Civil Eng.
mech.mrt.ac.lk Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
becon.mrt.ac.lk Dept. of Building Economics.

U. Colombo
pharm.cmb.ac.lk Pharmacology Dept.
parasit.cmb.ac.lk Parasitology Dept.
dscs.cmb.ac.lk Stat. & Comp. Sci. Dept.
ict.cmb.ac.lk Inst. of Computer Technology
dfs.cmb.ac.lk Dean - Science Faculty

Open of Sri Lanka
ou.ac.lk Open University
phy.ou.ac.lk Physics Division
chem.ou.ac.lk Chemistry Division
emath.ou.ac.lk Math & Management Division
et.ou.ac.lk Education Division

U. Peradeniya
eng.pdn.ac.lk Engineering Fac.
pgia.pdn.ac.lk Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture
sci.pdn.ac.lk Science Fac.
arts.pdn.ac.lk Arts Fac.
agri.pdn.ac.lk Department of Agriculture

U. Ruhuna
sci.ruh.ac.lk Science Faculty
pead.ruh.ac.lk Department of Paedatrics

U. Kelaniya
kln.ac.lk University of Kelaniya

U. Sri Jayawardenapura
sjp.ac.lk University of Sri Jayawardenapura

ugc.ac.lk University Grants Commission
Eastern University

ifs.ac.lk Inst. of Fundamental Studies
kndy.ices.ac.lk International Centre for Ethnic Studies - Kandy
cmb.ices.ac.lk International Center for Ethnic Studies -
ef.org.ac.lk Environmental Foundation
cisir.ac.lk Ceylon Inst. of Scientific and Industrial Research
shalimar.ac.lk Rohan de Livera (private)
limm.ac.lk Lahmeyer Int. (company)
its.ac.lk Inst. of Technological Studies
royins.ac.lk Royal Institute
cintec.ac.lk Computer & Info. Tech. Council
care.ac.lk CARE International - Sri Lanka
naresa.ac.lk Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority
slida.ac.lk Sri Lanka Institute of Development Admin.
narepp.ac.lk NAREPP\IRG
deptag.ac.lk S.L. Dept. of Agriculture
cssl.ac.lk Computer Society of Sri Lanka
ips.ac.lk Institute of Policy Studies
cfsr.ac.lk Centre for Society and Religion
cland.ac.lk Computer Land
daph.pdn.ac.lk Department of Animal Production & Health
iics.ac.lk Informatics Institute of Computer Studies
ots.ac.lk Overseas Telecommunication Services
rcss.ac.lk Regional Centre for Strategic Studies
sugar.ac.lk Sugarcane Research Institute
postarc.ac.lk Postgraduate Institute of Archeaology
minien.ac.lk Ministry of Environment, Transport and Womens
mofa.ac.lk Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Last Updated -- 20th April 1995

If you need more information, you may contact the postmaster at the site.
For instance, to get more information on who's who at IFS you may send
an e-mail to <postmaster@ifs.ac.lk>

Since e-mail to Sri Lanka goes over international telephone services,
please do NOT send long, useless, frivolous (huh?) or test messages.
Lacnet pays the phone bills with the money from voluntary contributions
from people like you.

***** If you find e-mail services to Sri Lanka valuable, please make a *****
***** small monetary contribution towards keeping the e-mail link alive. *****

You may send your contribution (payable to LACNET) to:

Vicum Perera, Treasurer
64E, South Westmoor Av
Newark, OH 43055

For more info on Lacnet, please check out their web page

67 Dharmapala Mawatha
Colombo 7

X.25 Packet Switch connection
to Singapore and rest of the world

Tel: +94(1)437545,6
Fax: +94(1)437547
For CompuServe accounts, contact
Rohith Odalagama

Electrotek ??? [please send info]
Going out of business sale? :-) [please send more info]

Information Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd.
69/7A, Attidiya Road
Sri Lanka
Phone: +94(1)611061
E-mail: <service@infolabs.is.lk>
BBS: +94(1)611160 (8N1, 14.4K baud)

This company provides e-mail facilities in Sri Lanka, to individuals,
companies, and organisations. Messages can be sent to/from any internet
address both within and outside Sri Lanka. They also provide a facility
for sending messages to people who don't have a telephone or a computer.

Infolabs also provides access to Usenet and ftp services, as well as a
computer bulletin board.


Lanka Internet Services, Ltd.
5th floor, IBM Building
48 Nawam Mawatha
Colombo 2, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94(1)342974
Fax: +94(1)736605
E-mail: <info@sri.lanka.net>
WWW: http://www.lanka.net/

This company provieds TCP/IP full internet connections to other companies
and organizations. They also provide Colombo Stock Exchange information
via e-mail on a pay-per fee basis.

Toolnet Access Point (TAP) Sri Lanka
Arthur C. Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies
Prof. S. Karunaratne
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Tel. +94 1 446546 or 507461 Internet: <accc@lankatap.tool.nl>
Fax. +94 1 647462

Toolnet of Netherland (<jeroen.jonk@tool.nl> (Jeroen Jonk)) provides FidoNet
e-mail connections to/within Sri Lanka. Internet e-mail can be routed
to FidoNet e-mail system.

Places such as VOA (Voice of America), USAID (US Agency for Intl Develpoment)
etc offices in Sri Lanka have their own dedicated connections. So, if your
friends are working in those offices, you are in business.


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