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8.1 South Africa: Economy


This article is from the South Africa FAQ, by Scott Hazelhurst scott@cs.wits.ac.za with numerous contributions by others.

8.1 South Africa: Economy

gopher (can be found as: gopher://wn.apc.org/1/anc)

* The ANC's Reconstruction and Development Programme (can be found
as: ftp://ftp.cs.ubc.ca/pub/local/FAQ/african/sa/anc-rdp.gz) [14K,

* The ANC's Land Policy (can be found as:
ftp://ftp.cs.ubc.ca/pub/local/FAQ/african/sa/anc-land.gz) [8K

* The ANC's Agricultural Policy (can be found as:
ftp://ftp.cs.ubc.ca/pub/local/FAQ/african/sa/anc-agric.gz) [42K

* Peter's Primer on the Rand (can be found as:

* Overview of Provinces (can be found as:

* How big is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

Subject: African stock markets
Followup-To: soc.culture.african
Date: 14 Jun 1994 12:20:44 GMT
Organization: Computer Science Dept, U of Witwatersrand

The Economist of 11-17 June has an interesting article about African stock

South Africa's Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has a market capitalsation
of $217-billion (the same as Mexico's). The next biggest is Morocco with
just over $3-billion. The JSE has 703 listed companies, Morocco 62,
Zimbabwe 62 and Kenya 56. Nigeria - supposedly Africa's other powerhouse -
has a market capitalisation of only $1-billion, with 174 listed companies
(Dec 1993 figures). All non-SA African stock markets combined have total
market capitilsation of only $13-billion - only about 6% of the JSE.

These figures need to be seen in context: a very large percentage of the
JSE's capitalisation is in very few hands. However it is startling what a
huge difference there is (this may be somewhat distorted by the fact that
some oil-producing countries with high per capita GDP may not bother with
stock markets).

Given that the SA government's priority is increasing wealth in SA and
spreading it more equitably in the process, what will SA's economic
relationship with other African countries be? It's sobering to realize that
the difference in size between SA's economy and those of its neighbours is
huge compared with the difference between Mexico and the US.
Philip Machanick philip@cs.wits.ac.za

8.2 Banking

South African Reserve Bank (can be found as: http://www.resbank.co.za)

8.3 Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange rates (can be found as:


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