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13. South Africa: Tourism & Travel


This article is from the South Africa FAQ, by Scott Hazelhurst scott@cs.wits.ac.za with numerous contributions by others.

13. South Africa: Tourism & Travel

* Visa requirements
* Getting to and from South Africa?
* Where to go? rec.travel archive (can be found as:

Photos and brief history of cities (can be found as:
http://osprey.unisa.ac.za/0/docs/sa/resource-list.html) (Can be a
slow link)

* Railway in South Africa (can be found as:

* Mike Marsh writes:


For anyone interested in travelling to the Southern African Region and
needing information about the latest travel news, we are introducing a
daily updated TRAVEL NEWS service on the WWW sites mentioned below. The
publishers of these pages, also have an electronic information service for
travel agents in the region (not on internet) that is accessed 70 000 times
PER DAY. Everyday at 12h00 they post the current TRAVEL INDUSTRY NEWS on
the travel agent system, and will now be copying some of the relevant
articles to these Web sites, where they should remain for at least a week
before being deleted. So if you are coming to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana,
Mocambique, Lesotho, Swaziland or South Africa, keep this site in your
bookmark list and visit it periodically.

The sites for travellers requiring information about the Southern
African Region are:

Travel Southern Africa. Information about services and tourism facilities
in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the neighbouring
countries. Includes a SOUNDS page of wildlife from the region. Meant for
any internet user who would like to travel to the region and provides info
of what to see, weather, currency and accomodation.

The electronic form of a monthly tourism guide called Southern African
Tourism Update which provides internet users with the inside information
provided to tour operators wanting to bring tours to the region.

* Tourism Bureaux

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To those of you who would like information about tourist attractions and
destinations in the Cape Town area, CAPTOUR an tourist information organisation
is contactable on the internet. They can supply many brochures on the area and
can recommend hotels, B&B's, holiday apartments etc and all the information
you require if you are planning a trip to Cape Town.

I am not too sure how responsive the email number is as I have not tried it
but I thought there would be some of you that might find it useful.

CAPTOUR: captour@africa.com


* Travel in South Africa (car rental etc. etc.)


_The African National Congress_: Department of Information and
Publicity, The African National Congress, P.O. Box 61884,
Marshalltown, 2107 Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

The ANC's e-mail address is postmaster@anc.org.za

ANC gopher (can be found as: gopher://wn.apc.org/1/anc)


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