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1.6 Networking, computing and South Africa


This article is from the South Africa FAQ, by Scott Hazelhurst scott@cs.wits.ac.za with numerous contributions by others.

1.6 Networking, computing and South Africa

1.6.1 The internet

Rhodes University keeps information on South African networking (can
be found as: gopher://gopher.ru.ac.za/11/African Networking).

Phone Books (can be found as:
gopher://gopher.austin.unimelb.edu.au/1/phones/otherphone/Africa) of
some South African universities exist at the University of Melbourne

South African Newsgroups

* Overview (can be found as:

[From Rhodes University Document]

Issues relating to networking connectivity (or otherwise), policy
arguments, and general queries are currently discussed in the
newsgroup "za.net.misc". Other newsgroups are:

za.ads.jobs Looking for a job?/Offering a job?
za.ads.lifts Want a lift from Bulawayo to Cape Town via Durbs?
za.ads.misc For sale/to swap/wanted to buy
za.archives Who's got what, where... and how...
za.culture.xhosa Ingxoxo ngolwini, amasiko nezithete zakwaXhosa.
* za.culture.xhosa For discussions of Xhosa language and culture.
za.edu.comp Discussions on the use of computers in education
za.environment Environmental issues in Southern Africa
za.events Conferences, events and happenings nationally
za.flame A cool imitation of the real thing
za.humour Humour/jokes/fun
za.misc General chat, comments, announcements etc
za.net.maps Local UUCP maps [uucpmap@lasernet.co.za] (Moderated)
za.net.misc Miscellaneous ramblings on networking in ZA
za.net.stats Statistics on network usage, automated postings etc
za.net.uninet Announcements and feedback from the Uninet-ZA office
za.politics Politics in Southern Africa
za.schools Issues affecting primary and secondary education
za.sport Finer points of jukskei or the Comrades marathon
za.test Testing of news links and configurations
za.unix.misc General discussion, questions and chat about Unix in ZA

Entries marked with an "*" provide alternative descriptors for the
systems "newsgroups" file.

* Detailed Information (can be found as:
gopher://gopher.ru.ac.za/0/African Networking/Networking in
Southern Africa) (23kb from Rhodes)

* za.* newsgroups from Rhodes (can be found as: The Rhodes gopher
gopher://gopher.ru.ac.za provides these groups)

* How to post to and read the za.* groups.

The za.* hierarchy has a fairly wide circulation internationally.
If your news system doesn't get the za.* hierarchy, speak to your
system administrator; if you give them the information about the
international newsfeeds given above, they may be quite willing to
get them for you. If not, you can still read from and post to the
za.* groups using gopher and a mail-to-news gateway.

Instructions (can be found as:
ftp://ftp.cs.ubc.ca/pub/local/FAQ/african/sa/zainstruct.txt) on
reading, posting to the za newsgroups.

From: shaze@cs.ubc.ca (Scott Hazelhurst)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.african
Subject: Accessing za groups internationally
Date: 14 Oct 1994 17:16:21 -0700
Organization: Computer Science, University of B.C., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
NNTP-Posting-Host: sparta.cs.ubc.ca

Remote Posting

ccfj@hippo.ru.ac.za (F. Jacot Guillarmod) writes:
>There is an email -> usenet gateway for all the za groups set up on our
>news system, quagga.ru.ac.za. If you want to post to say
>"za.culture.xhosa", send your mail message to:
> za-culture-xhosa@quagga.ru.ac.za
>The algorithm is to replace the "."s in the newsgroup name with "-"s.
>The gateway on quagga is limited to the za groups, plus one or two
>other mainstream groups.

Remote reading

The za groups can be read from one of the following gopher sites:


Cranfield Institute of Technology: (incomplete list)
Path=nntp 1s za
URL: gopher://gopher.cranfield.ac.uk:4324/1nntp/za

Imperial College, London:
Path=nntp 1s za

University of Manchester:
Path=nntp 1s za
URL: gopher://info.mcc.ac.uk:4320/1nntp%20ls%20za


Universite du Quebec a Montreal:
Path=nntp ls za
URL: gopher://infopub.uqam.ca:4320/1nntp


Danish Academic Network:
Path=nntp ls za.ads

South Africa

Rhodes University:
Path=nntp 1s za
URL: gopher://gopher.ru.ac.za:4324/1nntp%20ls%20za%20

If anyone has additional sites or corrections, please let me know.

SA WWW Server (can be found as: http://www.is.co.za/www-za/)

1.6.2 Resources

* South Africa Watch Magazine (can be found as:
(from Oxfam Canada)


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