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5.2.2) Recommendations from the Sacramento USENET.


This article is from the Sacramento FAQ, by David F. Prenatt, Jr. with numerous contributions by others.

5.2.2) Recommendations from the Sacramento USENET.

On October 18, 1994, Scott Lay posted a recommendation on ucd.life
(<news:ucd.life >) for "a great Thai restaurant called Amarin in
downtown Sacramento (about 20 minutes away [from Davis]). It is
located on the corner of I Street and 12th Street." Message-ID:
<37vgvh$mc2@mark.ucdavis.edu>. And on April 9, 1995, Mr. Lay posted a
followup recommendation in response to William H. Taylor:

William H. Taylor (whtaylor@netcom.com) wrote:
: : : > Can anyone give me their opinion on the best Thai
: : : > food in Sacramento? I know only one place, on Howe
: : : > near Arden. It is good, but I am looking for more,
: : : > and perhaps better. If anyone knows of restaurants
: : : > with Hmong style dishes, I would like to know about
: : : >that too.

Hmmmm....there is also one on Fulton west of Arden....about
three miles down, I believe. Thai Cottage 'tis the name...
Great atmosphere, okay food.

Amarin on 12th/I downtown isn't bad. Descent walk for
downtown lunchers. Lemon Grass is another descent downtown
place...9th betw J and I. In the library building... Not
the best food in the world, but Thai, and close to the

Message-ID: <3m9el6$nge@mark.ucdavis.edu>.

On August 17, 1995, Larry Hiner posted a recommendation for
Chinese food (Message-ID: <40vvpr$qmh@news-e1a.megaweb.com>):

A 15 minute drive south down 99 will take you to Hunan
Gardens in Elk Grove (East on Elk Grove Blvd, north into
Lucky's shopping center -- Hunan is on West end of center
near Jaspers). Family owned and run -- highly recommended!
(by me, that is.)

On the same date, Michael J. Reeves posted his recommendation on the
same newsgroup (Message-ID: <4105kn$erp@falcon.ns.net>):

If you go out the FRONT gate [of Sac State] past the
Presbyterian church about 2-4 blocks on the left is a small
commercial center. You'll find the Silver Chopstick
Restaurant in there. I have personally enjoyed the food
there several times.

Turnando Fuad also offered his recommendation on the same day and
newsgroup (Message-ID: <4108ta$grr@falcon.ns.net>):

Try New Canton on Broadway across from the DMV for authentic
Chinese cuisine.

The New Station about a mile down also has great food. They
have a special for $18.50 and that includes 5 dishes plus

Ryan Seo's recommendation on August 18, 1995 on the same newsgroup
(Message-ID: <411cr1$kvk@falcon.ns.net>): "Try Frank Fat @ downtown
sacto. Expensive but excellent." [Editor's note: Frank Fat's is
located at 806 L St, 95814, (916)442-7092.] And finally, Susan Hattie
Steinsapir, gave her recommendation on August 18, 1995 (Message-ID:

Give up on Chinese and try Vietnamese. Try these:

1. Viet Ha - tremendous menu, low prices, great eats. Two
places: one on Florin at Stockton Blvd., just east of the
intersection. New place at, hell, it's hard to describe.
It's on Folsom, tucked behind Paradise Ice Cream just east
of Coloma (I think). Their salad rolls are divine.

2. Andy Ngyugen's - low prices, great food. I go to the
one on Broadway and 19th Streets, near the check cashing
place. They also have a place out in Rancho Cordova.

3. New Paris Cafe - great pho (beef with rice noodle soup).
They're on Stockton Blvd. We used to eat there all of the
time. Then, we started expanding.

On a related note, Sacramento offers a selection of dim sum, a
particular type of Chinese food. J. Peerson's recommendations on
August 22, 1995 (Message-ID: <41cv01$i66@mark.ucdavis.edu>):

* King's in West Sacramento on West Capitol around Jefferson

* Dragon Haven on Broadway about a block away from Tower Theatre

* Rice Bowl on Florin at 24th Street.

And on the same date, the aforementioned Susan Hattie Steinsapir
(Message-ID: <hattieDDptq9.690@netcom.com>):

There's Wong's Islander out at the Lanai Shopping Center on
Freeport near 34th Avenue (near the old airport). I don't
know if they serve dim sum during the week; they have it on
weekends (have eaten there then)..


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