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10.2.4) Local Legends On The Sacramento Usenet.


This article is from the Sacramento FAQ, by David F. Prenatt, Jr. with numerous contributions by others.

10.2.4) Local Legends On The Sacramento Usenet.

Nominations for this category are always open. I will make the final
decision as to who qualifies.

* * * * * Chuckie! * * * * *

There is no doubt that "Chuckie" is the most widely renowned
figure that has sprung from the Sacramento USENET. Chuckie is no less
than a Net Legend, having earned a reputation for making outlandish
claims (characterized by paranoid delusions of grandeur) on a wide
variety of topics. He makes wide use of anonymous remailers under
pseudonyms that continually change, so it is very hard for a newbie to
recognize a ChuckiePost. Rather than reinvent the wheeel, let me
simply recapitulate Mike Ward's "ChuckieAnalysis(tm)" of a USENET post
on sac.general (<news:sac.general >) [edited for format]:

In article <191329Z17101995@anon.penet.fi> an219733@anon.penet.fi
(Weirdly Gruesome) wrote:

> If anyone wants a good BBQ place in Sacramento, Boston Chicken
> is the place to go to.

Test #1: A ChuckiePost(tm) must mention Sacramento. No matter
what far flung land he's claiming to be from, he's always mentioning
Sacramento. E.g. "I really love this town, but most TASMANIANS don't
have any idea where Sacramento is!"

> They are located on Fair Oaks Blvd, and have food that is quite
> good. The prices are very reasonable, at about US$5 to eat, it
> is a bargain indeed. I ate there when I was in Sacramento for
> the State Fair

Test #2: A ChuckiePost(tm) must mention the State Fair. He's
obsessed with our biggest summer event.

> and may be there again when I come to Sacramento later on this
> week on business. I will be taking 3 exams at CSUS this week
> and into the early part of next week. I do have to travel to
> Sacramento every now and then to take examinations.

Test #3: A ChuckiePost(tm) must mention that he's taking exams or
classes or whatever at Sac State, and he has to fly back.

Test #4: A ChuckiePost(tm) must be crossposted to sac.general
and/or ba.broadcast, and A) an alt.fan.* group usually misnamed for a
female figure skater, or B) alt.california.state-fair, a group Chuckie
created himself. (How he ever figured out to newgroup is beyond

Hey, Chuckie? When are you flying into Sacramento this week?
I'd like to do a story on you. Please bring copies of your passports
and visas, not to mention evidence of your airline flights. I'll see
you at Metro Airport.

--Mike (Message-ID: <mward.1069.0045BB7B@crl.com>).

* * * * Susan Hattie Steinsapir ("Hattie help us!") * * * *

The late Ms. Steinsapir made quite a name for herself as one of
the most helpful members of the Sacramento USENET community. She was
quite dignified (unlike the flamboyant Chuckie), and she was a
veritable wellspring of useful information about the Greater
Sacramento Area. But don't just take my word for it, visit Hattie's
Home Page on the World Wide Web: <http://www.andreas.com/susan.html >.


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