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soc.culture.puerto-rico: Charter


This article is from the Puerto Rico FAQ, by Zeydy Ortiz Laureano zortizl@eos.ncsu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

soc.culture.puerto-rico: Charter

Soc.culture.puerto-rico was proposed for creation in the BORIKEN
mailing list some time in January of 1994 by Mauricio A. Hernandez
<mauricio@cs.columbia.edu>. After the initial period of discussion
and the voting (YES: 355, NO:23) the group was created in April 6, 1994.

Name: soc.culture.puerto-rico
Status: unmoderated
Description: Puerto Rico's culture, politics, and society

- Topics of discussion:
Soc.culture.puerto-rico will be a newsgroup dedicated solely to the
discussion of issues related to the life, culture, and politics
affecting the nearly 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the island, in
the mainland USA, and around the world.

- Posting Policy:
Soc.culture.puerto-rico will be unmoderated. Contributors must use
their own judgement to decide the relevance of their articles to the
topics discussed in soc.culture.puerto-rico. Discussions that are only
relevant to a very few individuals should be moved to e-mail.

- Language:
Spanish is Puerto Rico's principal language. Thus we expect Spanish
to be the dominant language in the newsgroup. Nevertheless, a large
part of Puerto Ricans who have access to USENET know and use English as
a second language. Therefore, articles written in English will be as
welcomed as those written in Spanish.

Soc.culture.puerto-rico will not be initially gatewayed to the list
server BORIKEN (BORIKEN@ENLACE.BITNET). However, the possibility of a
link will remain open and will be decided later by the members of the
BORIKEN list server.

Contributions: Mauricio A. Hernandez <mauricio@cs.columbia.edu>


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