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56 Clothing suggestions for Greece


This article is from the Greece FAQ, by Nikolaos (Nick) C. Fotis, nfotis@theseas.ntua.gr with numerous contributions by others.

56 Clothing suggestions for Greece

From: G0900@vmcms.csuohio.edu <Katherine Pasalis>


Summer: May through September
Casual clothing made of lightweight fabrics and good walking shoes are
essential. A shawl, sweater and/or jacket is recommended for cooler
evening breezes (depending on temperature of the day and visiting
location in Greece).

I suggest bring a jacket or sweater . When I have been in the mountains
and cruising a jacket was handy. Last summer I was in Athens when it
rained and I was glad I had the jacket.

Winter: Mid November through Mid March
A wardrobe of matching coordinates, made of manmade fibers and/or wool
which allow for minimum and maximum warmth for varying temperatures is
suggested. A topcoat with Zip-out lining is also advised.

Spring/Fall: Mid March through April; October through Mid November
Lightweight wools or topcoat are suggested.

Informal attire, except for some selected resturants which require tie
and jacket for men.

Dress is more formal than in North America. Jacket and tie mandatory
for men.

Archaeological Sites:
Swimsuits are prohibited.
Wear comfortable shoes, parts are rocky, hot, and its possible to slide
wear the marble has worn down to a smooth finish.Some sites you do
a lot of climbing and it can be difficult on the feet if not supported.

Monasteries and Churches:
Women are required to wear appropriate length dresses or skirt with
sleeved blouse. Men are required to wear slacks and a shirt.
What I found was you will be told to wear a skirt or not enter if you
have short shorts on. I have gone in with shorts and short sleeve shirt
so some places are not as strict.

Casual daytime attire is suggested. For occasional special gala
evenings, cocktail dress and tie and jacket are suggested.
I been on cruises where they did not allow bathing suits in the dinning
room but had buffet lunches by the pool so you did not have to change.
Breakfast and lunch in the dinning room allowed you come in shorts.
Dinner usually people wore something nice but not everyone wore something
fancy. Its you choice. I met a man on one cruise and he brought one
jacket and wore it everynight know one will notice, they will all be
enjoying the cruise.


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