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50 Some items found on a Greek menu


This article is from the Greece FAQ, by Nikolaos (Nick) C. Fotis, nfotis@theseas.ntua.gr with numerous contributions by others.

50 Some items found on a Greek menu

From: G0900@vmcms.csuohio.edu <Katherine Pasalis>

Menu Decoder (this is from one of my travel guides)

Most menus are written in Greek and English, but even in the all-Greek
taverna they keep approximately the same layout.

kover - cover charge
artos - bread
orektika - appetizers
soupes - soups
zymarika - pasta
psaria - fish
thalassina - seafood
ladera - vegetables cooked in oil
kymades - minced meat
oinoi leykoi/erythroi/kokkineli - white/red/rose wines (written in
entrades - entrees, esp. meat dishes
psita - grills
tis oras - ala minute/while you wait
salatas - salads
tyria - cheeses
frouta - fruit
glyka - sweets
pota - drinks
byres - beer
anapsyktika - soft drinks

When the menu is handwritten and illegible, go into the kitchen and
look in the pots (lots of places want you to go and point out your choice)

Aginares a la polita - small artichokes cooked in a white onion-celery-
Ahinos - sea urchin. Angouri - cucumber. Araka - green peas.
Ahladi - pear. Arnaki galaktos - baby lamb. Astakos - crayfish/lobster.
Arni - lamb
( a) exohiko - baked country-style with peas, potatoes and cheese in flaky
b) frikase - sauteed with lettuce, spring onions and dill in egg and
Avgolemono - chicken broth with rice, lemon and egg
Baklava - thin pastry layers stuffed with nuts and spices, doused in syrup.
Barbounia - red mullet, possibly the best Greek fish.
Bougatsa - custard tart. Damaskina - plums. Grep - grapefruit.
Dolmades - vine or cabbage leaves rolled and stuffed with meat and/or rice.
Dolmadakia - tiny Dolmades.
Elies - olives (best from Delphi - large purple and Kalamata(pointed black)
Fakies - lentils, often in soup.
Fasolia - white beans often in soup with vegetables.
Galaktoboureko - flaky pastry with a custard filling, doused with syrup.
Feta - most popular Greek cheese, salty and white made from goats milk.
Horiatiki - peasant salad with cucumber,tomato,onio,olives and feta.
Kadaifi - shredded-wheat pastry with nuts, soaked in syrup.
Karpouzi - watermelon. Kotopoulo - chicken.


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