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36 Greece: Internet Access Providers


This article is from the Greece FAQ, by Nikolaos (Nick) C. Fotis, nfotis@theseas.ntua.gr with numerous contributions by others.

36 Greece: Internet Access Providers

[ This part is written by their manager - inclusion doesn't imply
endorsement of this text - I put it here only for informational
purposes -- nfotis ]

FORTHnet is the first, largest, fastest and most advanced multiprotocol
computer network in Greece, which serves and links mainly the
Technology Parks and Institutes of FORTH (Crete, Thessaloniki, Patras)
among themselves through Athens with the rest of Greece, the rest of
Europe, and the rest of the world. It consists of a 2Mbps backbone
from Thessaloniki to Heraklio and many more digital links connecting
other major cities in Greece. It is the first and largest commercial Internet
access provider in Greece. It has a very modern distributed network
management architecture that guarantees the highest degree of service.
It connects many companies via leased and dialupIP
lines. FORTHnet provides connection to companies who sell
Internet services to the wider public. Prices are affortable and competitive.

FORTHnet is operated by personnel organized in Network Operations Centers.
FORTHnet central NOC is located in Heraklio-Crete at 36 Daidalou str.
where there is a pool of scientific and technical personnel, and the
planning and training center.

For general information and connection applications send e-mail to :


For any matters related to the FORTHnet operation please send an e-mail to :


in case this is not possible, try phone/fax one of the NOC administrators:


NOC-Knossou: 81-235014 232156 237307 236853 : ext.150 Mr.Papadopoulos
NOC Manager : Mr. Pantelis Tzortzakis (ext. 140)

NOC-daidalou: 81-229302 (ext. 126 h 104) : Mr. Panagiotis Tzounakis

NOC-STEP-C: Texnologiko Parko Krhths - Hrakleio/Staurakia
81-229302 (ext. 126 h 104) : Mr. Demos Panagopoulos

There are NOCs in all four major cities in Greece:


NOC-Athinas/Patras: 01-7245324 7245253 7245313, fax:7245004
contact Mr. Thanasis Sioutas


NOC-Kybernidou: 031-362897 contact Mr. Damianos Kosmidhs

the latest FORTHnet information / application forms / etc. is always
available via WWW at : http://www.forthnet.gr/forthnet/index.html


N.R.C.P.S. Demokritos Ag.Paraskevi (ARIADNE Network) 15310 Athens Greece

* INTERNET : postmaster@isosun.ariadne-t.gr
* X.400 : S=postmaster;OU=isosun;O=ariadne-t;PRMD=ariadne-t;C=gr
Telephone : +30 1 6515224 +30 1 6513392 +30 1 6536351 Fax: +30 1 6532910

Dr. A.Arvillias (Network Administrator) Tel : +30 1 6515224
E-mail (Internet) : arvilias@isosun.ariadne-t.gr

Dr. G.Korovesis (Technical Net. Administrator) Tel : +30 1 6513392
E-mail (Internet) : ycor@isosun.ariadne-t.gr
(X.400) : S=corovesis;OU=isosun;O=ariadne-t;PRMD=ariadne-t;C=gr


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