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05 Greek cuisine -- recommended books?


This article is from the Greece FAQ, by Nikolaos (Nick) C. Fotis, nfotis@theseas.ntua.gr with numerous contributions by others.

05 Greek cuisine -- recommended books?

Look at gatekeeper.dec.com (anonymous ftp), under the directory
pub/recipes (there's also a compressed tar file that contains all
the files). Familiar names were:
(I just did a 'dir', and these were some names I found familiar)

avgolemono, avgolemono-2, baklava, briami, kourabiedes, lamb-kebab,
lasagna-1..4, margarita-1, meat-kebabs, melomacarona, moussaka,
spanakopita, spanakopita-2

From: jack@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk (Jack Campin)

I can't attest to their authenticity, but the recipes in Jack Santa Maria's
"Greek Vegetarian Cooking" are absolutely yummy, which is enough for me.
It's in print in the UK (Hutchinson, I think) and you can get it in most
large bookshops.

From: jon@lindy.stanford.edu (Jon Corelis)

This annotated, select bibliography of Greek cook books in English
was written by Jon Corelis (jon@lindy.stanford.edu.) Some of these
books may be out of print; others may be available in later editions
than are listed. Beginners looking for a first Greek cook book are
directed especially to the first book listed by Rena Salaman and to the
book by Eva Zane.

Barron, Rosemary. Flavors of Greece (New York, William Morrow, 1991.)
A good general book including both simple and fancier recipes.

Kochilas, Diane. The Food and Wine of Greece (New York, St. Martin's,
1990.) A large and fairly authentic book, though many of the recipes
seem fancier and more unusually seasoned than similar recipes in Greece.
This is the only Greek cook book I've seen that includes a whole section
of recipes for different types of pitta, a sort of pot pie which is
typical of Greek home cooking but is rarely found in restaurants.

Kremezi, Aglaia. The Foods of Greece (New York, Stewart, Tabori &
Chang, 1993.) A beautifully illustrated book of traditional island
cookery, mostly of the simpler kind, which is especially good on
vegetarian dishes.

Mallos, Tess. The Complete MIddle Eastern Cookbook (New York,
McGraw-Hill, 1979,) A generally excellent book on Middle Eastern
cuisine which includes a chapter on Greece. Many of the recipes in the
chapters on Cyprus and Turkey could also be considered at home in
Greek cuisine.

Paradissis, Chrissa. The Best Book of Greek Cookery (Athens,
Efstathiades, 1973.) This is a book you are likely to find in tourist
shops in Greece. The recipes tend to be very simple home cooking.
Includes a lively though rather eccentric preface on the history of
Greek cuisine. Makes an interesting souvenir.

+Salaman, Rena. Greek Food (Bath, Harper-Collins, 1993) This is the best
+Greek cook book that I've found, and the only one where the recipes
+always turn out tasting like they do in Greece. Along with all the usual
+Greek recipes, it also has interesting chapters on Glyka (Pastries,
+Cakes, and Preserves,) Greek coffee, and Votana (herb teas.) Note that it's
+published in Britain and so may be hard to find in the U.S., but a good
+book store should be able to order it for you. (The edition I've listed
+is a revised hardbound edition of the same book which was originally
+published in paperback by Fontana in 1983; that earlier edition lacked
+the three special chapters I've mentioned.)

Salaman, Rena, and Linda Smith. Greek Island Cookery (London, Ebury
Press, 1987.) A very authentic collection of unusual island
specialties, including some that rarely find their way into
English-language Greek cook books, such as Soupies Plaki (Cuttlefish
Casserole,) Rivithia (Chickpea Casserole,) and Rizogalo (Rice Pudding.)
Attractively illustrated with watercolors of island scenes. This is the
place to look for that unusual dish you had on vacation in the islands.

Spanos, Anna and John. Pure Greek Cooking Harrisburg, PA., Stackpole
Books, 1976.) Mostly authentic home cooking of the simpler kind.

Stavroulakis, Nicholas. Cookbook of the Jews of Greece (Lycabettus
Press, Athens, 1966. Both a cookbook and a social study of the thriving
Jewish community which existed in Greece, and especially in
Thessaloniki, from ancient times until World War II.

Theoharous, Ann. Cooking the Greek Way (London, Methuen, 1986.) A very
good general Greek cook book with most of the standard dishes covered.

+Wolfert, Paula. Mediterranean Cooking, Revised Edition (New York,
+HarperCollins, 1994) and Paula Wolfert's World of Food (New York,
+Harper and Row, 1988.) Each of these books contains only a few Greek
+recipes, but they are all excellent. (The edition of Mediterranean
+Cooking which I've listed is a revised and enlarged version of the book
+originally published under the same title by Quadrangle in 1977.)

Yianilos, Theresa. The Complete Greek Cookbook (New York, Avenel Books,
1974. Genuine Greek home cooking of the simplest sort.

Zane, Eva. Greek Cooking for the Gods. (San Francisco, 101
Productions, 1978.) After Salaman's book (see above) I would rate this
as the most useful Greek cook book for the beginner. It concentrates on
the simpler dishes, though there are also some more elaborate recipes.
The section on desserts is especially good. This is one of the few
Greek cookbooks that has recipes for baklava and other traditional
pastry and cake desserts.


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