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2-3 CIA World Factbook on Bulgaria - Government


This article is from the Bulgaria FAQ, by Dragomir R. Radev radev@tune.cs.columbia.edu with numerous contributions by others.

2-3 CIA World Factbook on Bulgaria - Government

Name of country:
conventional long form: Republic of Bulgaria
conventional short form: Bulgaria
Data code: BU
Type of government: emerging democracy
Capital: Sofia
Administrative divisions: 9 provinces (oblasti, singular - oblast); Burgas,
Grad Sofiya, Khaskovo, Lovech, Montana, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofiya, Varna
Independence: 22 September 1908 (from Ottoman Empire)
National holiday: Independence Day, 3 March (1878)
Constitution: adopted 12 July 1991
Legal system: based on civil law system with Soviet law influence; accepts
compulsory ICJ jurisdiction
Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal and compulsory
Executive branch:
chief of state: President Zhelyu Mitev ZHELEV (since 1 August 1990, when he
was elected by the National Assembly); president and vice president elected
for five-year terms by popular vote; election last held NA January 1992
(next to be held NA 1997); results - Zhelyu ZHELEV elected by popular vote;
Vice President (vacant)
head of government: Chairman of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister)
Zhan VIDENOV (since 25 January 1995) appointed by the president; Deputy
Prime Ministers Doncho KONAKCHIEV (since 25 January 1995), Atanas PAPAKIZOV
(since NA), Rumen GECHEV (since 25 January 1995), Svetoslav SHIVAROV (since
25 January 1995)
cabinet: Council of Ministers elected by the National Assembly
Legislative branch: unicameral
National Assembly (Narodno Sobranie): last held 18 December 1994 (next to
be held NA 1997); results - BSP 43.5%, UDF 24.2%, PU 6.5%, MRF 5.4%, BBB
4.7%; seats - (240 total) BSP 125, UDF 69, PU 18, MRF 15, BBB 13
Judicial branch: Supreme Court, chairman appointed for a seven-year term by
the president; Constitutional Court, 12 justices appointed or elected for a
nine-year term
Political parties and leaders: Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Zhan
VIDENOV, chairman; Union of Democratic Forces (UDF - an alliance of
pro-Democratic parties), Ivan KOSTOV; People's Union (PU), Stefan SAVOV;
Movement for Rights and Freedoms (mainly ethnic Turkish party) (MRF), Ahmed
DOGAN; Bulgarian Business Bloc (BBB), George GANCHEV
Other political or pressure groups: Democratic Alliance for the Republic
(DAR); New Union for Democracy (NUD); Ecoglasnost; Podkrepa Labor
Confederation; Fatherland Union; Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP);
Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (KNSB); Bulgarian
Agrarian National Union - United (BZNS); Bulgarian Democratic Center;
"Nikola Petkov" Bulgarian Agrarian National Union; Internal Macedonian
Revolutionary Organization - Union of Macedonian Societies (IMRO-UMS);
numerous regional, ethnic, and national interest groups with various
International organization participation: ACCT, BIS, BSEC, CCC, CE, EBRD,
ILO, IMF, IMO, Inmarset, Intelsat (nonsignatory user), Interpol, IOC, IOM,
UNESCO, UNIDO, UNMOT, UPU, WEU (associate partner), WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO,
WToO, WTrO (applicant), ZC
Diplomatic representation in US:
chief of mission: Ambassador Snezhana Damianova BOTUSHAROVA
chancery: 1621 22nd Street NW, Washington, DC 20008
telephone: [1] (202) 387-7969
FAX: [1] (202) 234-7973
US diplomatic representation:
chief of mission: Ambassador (vacant)
embassy: 1 Saborna Street, Sofia
mailing address: Unit 1335, APO AE 09213-1335
telephone: [359] (2) 88-48-01 through 05
FAX: [359] (2) 80-19-77
Flag: three equal horizontal bands of white (top), green, and red; the
national emblem formerly on the hoist side of the white stripe has been
removed - it contained a rampant lion within a wreath of wheat ears below a
red five-pointed star and above a ribbon bearing the dates 681 (first
Bulgarian state established) and 1944 (liberation from Nazi control)


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