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0-1 About this FAQ


This article is from the Bulgaria FAQ, by Dragomir R. Radev radev@tune.cs.columbia.edu with numerous contributions by others.

0-1 About this FAQ

(by Dragomir R. Radev), last updated: 17-Jul-1920
This list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Bulgaria is a
collaborative effort at creating a useful electronic reference document
about Bulgaria.

* Note (July 17, 2000): The FAQ is being rewritten at this moment. Many
* articles may disappear from the future releases while others are
* being updated and/or added. If you want to volunteer to help with
* the next release, send mail to the maintainer.

The FAQ is related to the newsgroup soc.culture.bulgaria (see below). Many
of the materials contained herein are derived from postings in

Please read this FAQ list before posting to soc.culture.bulgaria.

The names in parentheses after each question are the contributor's, which is
sometimes a different person than the author of the quoted text.

The FAQ is a collection of materials, rather than a complete reference. Some
of the information may be out of date, so please be careful and take
everything with a grain of salt. Unless an article contains explicit
information about when it was last updated, it is older than February 1,

The maintainer of this list is Dragomir R. Radev (radev@cs.columbia.edu).
Unless explicitly mentioned, I do not assume any responsibility for
incorrect information. I cannot and have not tested all materials for

Any comments, contributions, and corrections are more than welcome. The
maintainer reserves all rights to edit or reject submissions. Send
submissions to radev@cs.columbia.edu

This FAQ can be reposted anywhere under the following restrictions:

- Use the most recent version of the FAQ as possible. The most recent
version is always available from the Usenet newsgroup soc.answers
- Keep all appropriate credits: the name of the contributor(s) and my
name. Keep this list of restrictions as well.
- Any modifications (other than presentation-related) should be clearly
marked as yours.
- You should include a pointer to the original version of the FAQ - either
one of the Usenet newsgroups soc.culture.bulgaria or soc.answers, or the
WWW site listed below.


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