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1.3 Where can I get more information on unicycling?


This article is from the Unicycling FAQ, by Beirne Konarski with numerous contributions by others.

1.3 Where can I get more information on unicycling?


I only know of one book that has been available outside of unicycling
circles, and that is "The Unicycle Book" by Jack Wiley. Fortunately many
libraries bought it; I discovered it at my high school library in the
Dominican Republic. Even though the book was written in the early 70's most
of the information is still current. It tells how the unicycle works, how to
learn to ride (the author has since promoted simpler methods), how to do
some tricks, organize a club, build a unicycle, and includes other features
as well. The book also features a variety of unicyclists, many of whom you
can meet at the National Unicycle Meet today. This book is out of print and
replaced by "The Complete Book of Unicycling".

* From Solipaz Publishing and the Unicycling Society of America, all by
Jack Wiley
o How to Ride a Unicycle: This book covers unicycle physics, how to
ride, and how to do some basic tricks. Its method is simpler than
that of "The Unicycle Book". It is basically several chapters
extracted from "The Complete Book of Unicycling".
o Novelty Unicycling
o The Ultimate Wheel Book
o The Complete Book of Unicycling: This book replaces "The Unicycle
Book". Much of the content will look familiar if you have seen
"The Unicycle Book", but it goes into a lot more detail on tricks
and history. The book is slightly out of date but it is still
worth getting, because you will find more unicycling information
here than anywhere else. It covers solo tricks, group tricks,
clubs, history, records, and props, among other things.
o Basic Circus Skills
o How to Build Unicycles and Artistic Bicycles
o The Whole Unicycle Catalog
o Inside the Wheel: The Complete Guide to Monocycles
Solipaz Publishing Company
P.O. Box 366
Lodi, CA 95241

* From the Unicycling Society of America
o Tidbits for Beginners. This contains a variety of articles from
"One One Wheel", the newsletter of the Unicycling Society of
o Complete set of all Unicycling Society of America Newsletters
since 1974
o Official Competition Rulebook
o "On One Wheel" is the newsletter of the Unicycling Society of
America. You need to be a member to receive it but it is worth the
Unicycling Society of America, P.O. Box 40534, Redford, MI 48240.

* From Semcycle
o Learning to Ride by Teresa and Sem Abrahams

This is really a pamphlet rather than a book. It has no big
secrets, but it does contain a good method for learning to ride.
* From the New Zealand Juggling Association & Unicycling New Zealand

Uni News is the newsletter for NZ unicyclists. It is published in
conjunction with the Flying Kiwi the magazine produced quarterly by the
NZ Juggling Association. Uni News provides information on the National
and International scene, featuring articles on technique, construction
and events. Road tests, Buy, sell & Swap. etc.

For subscription information call, fax or write the Unicycle Hotline

Phone: +64 (07) 839 9005 or 025 761 141

Fax: +64 (07) 839 9006

PO Box 776 Hamilton New Zealand

* From IUF and Miyata
o Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle by Jack Halpern

For the material it covers this is the best book on unicycling. In
particular, book tells how to learn to ride, as well as a variety
of beginning and intermediate skills. It also covers practical
issues like unicycling attire, adjusting the unicycle, and theory.

The book is based on what are considered the most effective ways
of learning. John Foss helped a lot with reviewing the manuscript
and by providing excellent photographs. Much credit is also due to
Bill Jenack,the founder of modern unicycling, who has developed
most of the techniques introduced in the book.

The book comes with Miyata unicycles, and you can also get it from
Jack Halpern while supplies last. Miyata is out of stock at the
moment, and has no definite plans at this time to reprint it. In
the meantime, he will be glad to send you photocopies for $15,
including airmail.

The amount you send need not be $15 exactly if you send it in
another currency. You should send this in cash form, not a check,
since it is very difficult to cash a check in dollars in Japan.
Supplies are short, so you may want to send e-mail to Jack before
sending cash to verify availability. His address is:

Jack Halpern
1-3-502 3-Chome Niiza
Saitama 352 JAPAN

E-mail: jhalpern@super.win.or.jp

Beirne Konarski beirne@ald.net

* From Dube or the Unicycling Society of America
o Unicycling From Beginner to Expert by Sebastian Hoeher

I think Mr. Hoehr's book is pretty good. It's a translation from
German, with some resultant oddities, but on the whole I think it
is comprehensive, and provides good learning progressions. The
book covers learning steps, and some more advanced riding. It also
has sections on specialty cycles (mainly giraffes), and a brief
history section. I think that this is now one of the better books
out on the subject, but could still be improved upon.

Jasan Catan CATANZ47@snycorva.cortland.edu

* "Die Kunst des Einradfahrens" (The Art of Unicycling) is a practical
guide for beginners who want to learn unicycling, but it also describes
some more advanced tricks and gives hints on how to use the Unicycle in
a show. 100 pages, German language.

Angela Lahm (106647.1305@compuserve.com)


From the Unicycling Society of America

* I.U.F. Achievement Skill Levels. This is the easiest way for most
people to see what the 10 skill levels look like. It was filmed at a
past National Unicycle Meet and has a different person do each skill
level, and then give some hints.
* Rough Terrain Unicycling by George Peck. This is a good tape to get
even if you don't want to ride over boulders or picnic tables, as
George does in this tape. It is good to see even if you just want to do
better on rough roads, trails, and curbs.

Unicycling Society of America, P.O. Box 40534, Redford, MI 48240.

If you live in the UK be careful when ordering Video's from the states (or
anywhere abroad), as the NTSC video system used there is not compatible with
your UK PAL video. If you do order specify a PAL version of the tape, which
they may or may not be able to provide !

A good video specialist could convert an NTSC video to PAL format, but this
is going to cost you !

The Internet

There is a newsgroup, rec.sport.unicycling, for discussing all aspects
of unicycling.
Mailing list
The mailing list is a bi-directional mirror of the group
rec.sport.unicycling. You can subscribe to the Unicycling mailing list
by sending the message "subscribe unicycling" to
majordomo@winternet.com. You can un-subscribe to the same address by
sending the message "unsubscribe unicycling".
IUF Mailing List
This list is for discussing issues regarding the International
Unicycling Federation. All who are interested are welcome to join. Send
the message "subscribe iuf-discuss" to majordomo@winternet.com to
subscribe, and "unsubscribe iuf-discuss" to quit.

World Wide Web
Unicycling Home Page
This is the original unicycling page. It has hypertext access to
various unicycling topics, and includes two movies. The URL is
Unicycling NZ
This covers unicycling in New Zealand, the home of unigrid, and
includes lots of material of general interest as well. The URL is
International Unicycle Federation
This page contains the IUF competition rules.

URL: http://www.winternet.com/~kfuchs/iuf.html
Quebec Unicycle Association
This page covers various topics, including unicycle history,
unicycle basketball, and the health benefits of unicycling.

URLS: http://www.gel.ulaval.ca/~stpier02/amq/ (French)
http://www.gel.ulaval.ca/~stpier02/amq/homeangl.html (English)
Unicycle Hockey
A good general page on Unicycle Hockey.

URL: http://www.science.yorku.ca/cac/people/sander/uni/
Mountain Unicycling
Covers the exciting sport of mountain unicycling.

The German Unicycle Hockey League
This page contains information on unicycle hockey in Germany. Most
of it is in English, some of it is in German.



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