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Running FAQ

Information about Running

This posting contains answers to frequently asked questions posted to rec.running plus interesting & useful information for runners. If known, author's name/email address are given. Send me Ozzie Gontang gontang@electriciti.com any corrections, updates, suggestions, or proper info of sources or holder's of copyright.

-01 What to do before posting to rec.running or any news group
-02 Runner or Jogger
-03 Avoiding Dogs
-04 Books and Magazines
-05 Winter Running Gear
-06 Clothes (Winter/Summer)
-07 Clothing Materials: Microfibers
-08 Clothing Materials: Polyolefin (Olefin)
-09 Clothing Materials: Nylon
-10 Clothing Materials: Wool
-11 Clothing Materials: Goretex
-12 Clothing Materials: Polypropylene/Thermax
-13 Clothing Materials: 60/40 Cloth
-14 Breathability of Materials
-15 The Breathable Options
-16 Linings
-17 Maintenance
-18 Running Mailing Lists
-19 Terminology:
-20 Calorie/Energy Count
-21 Calories burned by running
-22 Muscle Fuels Used During Exercise
-23 Conversion chart
-24 Fluid replacement (2 personal methods)
-25 Noakes's Ten Laws of Running Injuries
-26 Second Wind
-27 Does Anyone Have Any Opinions On Soda Pop As A Drink In General?
-28 Computer Software
-29 Hashing
-30 Interval Training
-31 Sore knees
-32 Leg Massage
-33 Mail Order Addresses
-34 Marathon: Increasing your mileage
-35 Major Marathons & partial World Marathon Schedule
-36 Miscellaneous
-37 Achilles tendonitis
-38 Shin splints
-39 Help with shin splints.
-40 Side Stitches
-41 Lactic Acid
-42 Loose Bowels
-43 Diabetes & Running
-44 Nutrition and Food
-45 Basic Nutrition Primer
-46 What The Body Needs
-47 Performance
-48 Implications
-49 Grey Nutrition
-50 Nutrient Density
-51 Balanced Diet
-52 Powerbar Recipes
-53 Orienteering
-54 Predicting times (10k-marathon)
-55 Running Clubs & Organizations (John Berkery berkery@crdgw2.crd.ge.com)
-56 Shoes (Thomas Page page@ficus.cs.ucla.edu)
-57 Active Isolated Stretching
-58 Stretching
-59 I sweat more than I can replace during a long run, ride, ortriathlon. What can I do about it?
-60 Why use a treadmill?
-61 Is treadmill running the same as outdoor running?
-62 What features are important in a treadmill?
-63 Any threadmill disadvantages or other considerations?
-64 Threadmills: How do I convert between % incline and degrees?
-65 Where can I get more information on treadmills?
-66 Weather
-67 Is it better to run in the morning or evening?
-68 Should I run when I have a cold/fever?
-69 How often should I run? "The Running Book" By the Editors of ConsumerGuide
-70 Which of the 8 lanes on a US track is actually the '1/4 mile' one?
-71 I have started running after having my baby and I am curious to know ifany one has some stomach exercises?
-72 Stretches
-73 Running and Pregnancy.
-74 A Mindful Way of Dealing with Out of Control People
-75 Hints for the Success of the Four Hour Marathoner (Super-Fours)
-76 Running Related Internet Sites
-77 Organizations & Associations
-78 Running Clubs
-79 Running Events
-80 Medical Corner
-81 Coaching & Training
-82 Ultra running
-83 The press
-84 Equipment
-85 Software
-86 Measurement
-87 Running related E-mail lists
-88 Usenet Discussion Groups

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