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39 Help with shin splints.


This article is from the Running FAQ, by Ozzie Gontang with numerous contributions by others.

39 Help with shin splints.

1. Try picking up marbles with your toes and holding onto them for a few

1A. While recovering from shin splints, it may help to use a wedge in the
heel of your shoes. By raising the heel, you are reducing the pull on the
muscles and tendons on the front.

2. Stand on the stairs with your heels out over the edge. Lower your heels
as far as they will go without undue discomfort, and hold for 15 seconds.
Slowly raise yourself up on your toes. Repeat 5 million times. (Sherwood
Botsford sherwood@space.ualberta.ca)

3. If you can, rig something with either surgical tubing or a large
rubberband. For example: put the tubing around one of the back legs of your
desk in some sort of a loop. Reach under the tubing with your toes, with
your heel as a pivot pull the tubing toward you. This will work the muscle
in the front of the shins. Repeat 6 million times. It's easier than the
stair exercise

4. Run on different terrain, preferably grass. It'll absorb the shock.

5. This normally affects knees, but it might affect shins. Don't run on the
same side of the road all of the time. It is sloped left or right to let
the water run off. Running on the same slope for long periods of time will
cause adverse effects to the ankles, shins...etc.... If you are running on
a track, alternate your direction of travel, as the lean when you are going
around the corners is at least as bad as the crown slope of a road. This is
especially true of small indoor tracks.

6. Strenghening the front muscles: Make a training weight by tying a strip
of cloth to a pop bottle. Sit on the kitchen counter top, hang bottle from
toes, and raise it up and down by flexing your ankle. Weight can be
adjusted by adding water or sand to the bottle. (Sherwood Botsford

7. Scatter a few chunks of 2x4 around the house where you tend to stand,
say kitchen and bathroom. Now everytime you are at the stove or at the
bathroom (in front of either fixture) stand on 2x4 and rest your heels on
the floor. One in front of the TV and used during every commercial will
either stretch you, or stop you from watching TV. sherwood@space.ualberta.ca


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