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28 Computer Software


This article is from the Running FAQ, by Ozzie Gontang with numerous contributions by others.

28 Computer Software

(Jack Berkery berkery@emmax5crd.ge.com) (Paul Gronke,

There is a Shareware program in the WUSTL archives available through
anonymous ftp. (also on other archive sites) Look into
../msdos/database/joggr105.zip I didn't exactly like it but it may suit
your style. It works with CGA/EGA/VGA graphics. Don't know how it functions
under windows.

ntu.ac.sg []

AEROBIX.ZIP B 81246 910420 Fitness Log: Record aerobic exercise/progres
JOGGR105.ZIP B 59053 920312 Runner's log and analysis database, v1.05
PT100.ARC B 175592 890914 Physical Training test scorekeeper database
RUNLOG.ZIP B 71801 900308 Runner's/bicycler's workout log

All programs are available in the DATABASE directory on Simtel, via
anonymous FTP. There are a number of Simtel mirrors, including
WUARCHIVE.WUSTL.EDU (dir = mirrors/msdos/database), OAK.OAKLAND.EDU (dir =
pub/msdos/database), and a lot of non US sites.

RunCoach helps coach people who are running, jogging or racing. It is
based on Artificial Intelligence techniques and can produce an optimum
training program tailored to the individual. If you are just starting to
run, want to enter a fun run or are an expert runner and want to improve
your time then RunCoach can help. First you enter some data about
yourself, then set a goal race (or ask RunCoach to suggest one), tell
RunCoach when you can train and RunCoach will quickly generate a
personalised training schedule. It will also estimate how likely you are
to succeed at your goal. Ver 0.90 was the first public release and can be
found as RUNCOACH.ZIP. Ver 0.94 (RUNCO94B.ZIP) is the latest (july 95)
release. It works in both miles or kms, has a better understanding of the
taper, has a built in series of running guides and has a built in sports
psych, so you can discuss any problems. It is available from a number of
FTP sites but as an example try Simtel: oak.oakland.edu

Its running knowledge is extensive and includes the following:-
- internally classifies runners into five major groups
- takes into account age, experience, PB's, sex, training program etc
- able to select days of the week you can run, and your long run day
- provides feedback on whether you are capable of meeting your goal time
- can suggest goal's based on your individual ability
- provides a schedule even if Run Coach is sceptical you can reach your goal
- knows about VO2 max, anaerobic threshold, efficiency, long runs etc
- has many rules for minimising injury
- has a variety of individualised speedwork schedules built in
- understands periodisation & complex schedules & selects between them
- can predict race results for distances not previously run
- can produce a schedule for the complete beginner through to the elite

RUNLOG.ZIP - I found this to be a barely usable program. It was not at all
clear what I needed to enter at any of the prompts. There was no help key.
There was no information telling me what format any times, distances, etc.
need to be entered as. This does have a time prediction module. The
interface is kind of nice. There are graphical displays of improvement,
heart rate, etc. With a better manual expaining what you need to enter, I
would rate is usable. At present, I found the other programs nicer. If you
figure out what need to be entered where, you can use this program.

JOGGR105.ZIP - This is a program of British origin. The interface is kind
of interesting. It has most of the data entry options that you would want.
It will graphically display your improvement. You can control the menu of
courses so that you don't have to reenter distance and course info each
time. Most annoying problem: everythin is in British units, so that you
have to convert 100 meter dash, 5K, 10K, etc. into milage. This might not
be a drawback for some; it is a major drawback for me. The data entry,
printing is all nice. It escapes from errors well (unlike Runlog, which
tends to bomb). This is definitely usable.

RUNSTA11.ZIP - I really like this program and will continue to use it. It
is by far the largest of the programs (300K zipped, 3 times the size of the
others), so you might go for another if disk space is a problem. However,
you get a full featured training / racing log for the space. What I like
about it: 1) you can make it as complex or simple as possible. Via config
options, you can enter for each race/training: shoes, weather, heart rate,
health, hilliness, race surface, temp, calories...or none of these,
depending on your preference. 2) You can easily set up a menu of courses to
choose from in the race *and* training run entry 3) Race and Training are
kept separate, a very nice feature if you want to track training runs and
racing in the same database. 4) Multiple database files easily used,
special configs are unique to each database file (meaning that you can
monitor bicycle, running in the same program) 5) Can display data entries
(runs) in a "calendar" format, then select the ones you wish to examine
with a keystroke 6) Nice graphical displays

Drawbacks: requires more memory than the other programs. Might not run on
pre-286 machines, but I don't know. More disk space required. Not sure if
it does time forecasting, I need to check.

RUNSTAT3 Ver.3.0, Jan. 1995 by Scott Diamond <scott.k.diamond@tek.com>

RunStat3 is a Windows program useful to runners The program's main
window is a pace calculator. You enter distance and time for your run
and RunStat3 calculates your pace for your run and finishing times for
a large set of distances and times. E.g., if you ran a 10k run,
RunStat3 would list finishing times for 1 mile, 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon,
marathon, etc (you can add your own custom entries). Two listing for
finishing times are presented, one based on running at constant pace
and a 'realistic' estimate which accounts for slowing your pace the
longer you run.

RunStat3 also supports an ascii logbook in which users can keep a
record of all their runs. RunStat3 includes a searching, plotting and
statistics calculator so that you can search your log book and plot
all your times for a given course, or total your mileage for each pair
of shoes or make other plots. There is almost no limit to the number
of entries you can place in your log file for tracking your runs (e.g
temp., wt, avg. heart rate, course, shoes, etc.)

The program is freeware. For more information, set your web-browser to:


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