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20 Calorie/Energy Count


This article is from the Running FAQ, by Ozzie Gontang with numerous contributions by others.

20 Calorie/Energy Count

(Kenrick J. Mock mock@iris.ucdavis.edu)

Here is a little table adapted from "Beyond Diet...Exercise Your Way to
Fitness and Heart Health" by Lenore R. Zohman, M.D.

Energy Range = Approx. Calories Per Hour

Energy Range Activity Conditioning Benefits 
72-84 Sitting, Conversing     None 
120-150  Strolling, 1 mph       Not strenuous enough to produce endurance
         Walking,   2 mph       your exercise capacity is very low 
150-240  Golf, power cart.      Not sufficiently taxing or continuous to
                                 promote endurance. 
240-300  Cleaning windows       Adequate for conditioning if carried out
         Mopping floor           continuously for vacuuming   20-30 minutes
         Bowling                 Too intermittent for endurance
         Walking, 3mph           Adequate dynamic exercise if
         Cycling, 6mph           your capacity is low
         Golf, pulling cart      Useful if you walk briskly,if cart is heavy
                                 isometrics may be involved. 
300-360  Scrubbing floors        Adequate if done in at least 2 minute stints
         Walking, 3.5 mph         Usually good dynamic aerobic exercise
         Cycling, 8 mph
         Ping Pong                Vigorous continuous play can
         Badminton                have endurance benefits. May aid skill.
         Tennis, doubles         Not beneficial unless there is continuous play
                                 for at least 2 minutes at a time. Aids skill. 
360-420 Walking, 4mph           Dynamic, aerobic, beneficial.
         Cycling, 10mph
         Skating                 Should be continuous 
420-480 Walking, 5mph           Dynamic, aerobic, beneficial.
         Cycling, 11mph
         Tennis, singles         Benefit if played 30 minutes or more with an
                                 attempt to keep moving
         Water Skiing            Total isometrics 
480-600 Jogging, 5 mph          Dynamic, aerobic, endurance
         Cycling, 12mph         building exercise.
         Downhill skiing        Usually too short to help endurance significantly.
         Paddleball             Not sufficiently continuous for aerobic benefits. 
600-660 Running, 5.5 mph        Excellent conditioner.
         Cycling, 13 mph 
Over 660 Running, 6+ mph        Excellent conditioner
         Handball, Squash       Conditioning benefit if played 30 min or more.
         Swimming                 (wide Good conditioning exercise caloric


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