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6.2.6 Lutz jump


This article is from the Recreational Figure Skating FAQ, by Karen Bryden with numerous contributions by others.

6.2.6 Lutz jump

The Lutz is named after the Austrian skater Alois Lutz. The Lutz is
similar to the flip, but it takes off from a BO edge instead of a BI.
This means that the jump turns in the counter direction to the entry
edge. This "counter"character of the jump makes it one of the hardest
single jumps, since it is not possible to take advantage of the
intrinsic rotation provided by the edge to start turning.

One of the most common mistakes in the Lutz is doing a change before
the take off, so that the skater is technically doing a flip instead
of a Lutz. This is what is usually referred to as a "flutz". Although
an incidental change of edge just before the takeoff is tolerated, the
best looking Lutzes are achieved by taking off a pure outside edge

The standard preparation for the CCW Lutz consists in CW back
crossovers followed by a sustained shallow left back outside edge. The
hips and shoulders should be perfectly square while riding the edge.

After settling on a stable outside edge, pass the right arm back to
get a serious check on that shoulder. Look straight ahead down your
left arm. Bend the skating knee, extend back the right leg and plant
the pick on a straight line behind the left skating foot - it may feel
like the pick is slightly inside the BO circle described by the
skating foot.

Make sure that you don't raise the free leg and kick the ice with the
pick. This is not only a waste of energy, but it also makes you bend
too much at the waist, which slows down the rotation (not to mention
that it will hurt your toe!)

During the picking, concentrate on holding that right shoulder check.
If you let the right shoulder come around before picking you will very
likely "flutz".

As you jump, draw the free arm into, not around, the body.

An alternative entry: Instead of riding the long back outside edge,
some skaters do CCW crossovers or a left foot mohawk, ride briefly on
a right back outside edge (or flat), cross the left foot over the
right onto the left outside back edge and then pick and jump. This
entry is sometimes recommended to get rid of a flutz, because the
right shoulder tends to move naturally backwards during the crossover
step prior to the jump. The secret is not to linger on the LBO edge
and pick and jump immediately after the crossover.


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