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17 Scoring Systems:


This article is from the Golf FAQ, by marcelo@nntpserver.Princeton.EDU (Marcelo A. Gallardo) with numerous contributions by others.

17 Scoring Systems:

Stroke Play

(also called Medal Play)

Low gross -- no adjustment for handicap

Low net -- subtract your handicap, low score wins

Match Play

Two players play head to head. Total strokes are not important. The
winner is based on who wins the most holes. The match is over when one
player is ahead by more holes than the number of holes remaining.


Points are allocated based on the net score of each hole. Handicaps are
allocated based on the index of each hole.

You deduct the allocated handicap per hole from the score on the hole
and the points are allocated against the equivalent net score for the

The exact points which are allocated seem to vary.


This refers to a team event which may comprise 2, 3 or 4 players. Each
player will have his/her stroke allowance and the lowest net score
would be recorded at each hole. The total for the complete round would
be the teams best-ball score.


Normally a team of 4. Each player tees off at each hole and then the
team selects the ball which is in the best position and ALL play from
that spot. This repeats for all shots until the hole is finished.


This is where 2 players play one ball hitting alternative shots. One
player will tee off at all the odd numbered holes and the other at the
even numbered holes, no matter who was the last player to play on the
previous hole.


Similar to stableford as far as the allocated shots are concerned but
you either win, halve or lose the hole (+ 0 -). Its a little tougher,
as anything worse than a net par is a loss. At the end you add up your
wins against your losses.


(2 man teams)

Each player hits a tee shot. They then each play a second shot using
their partner's ball. At this point, they select the best ball and the
player who did not hit it plays, alternating shots until the ball is
holed (only the first two shots are hit by both players).


(2 man teams)

Pinehurst is similar to the Chapman format, except that each player
hits a drive, and the best drive is then chosen and players alternate
in from there.Unlike the Chapman, players do not BOTH hit second shots
from their partners drives.


(4 man teams)

The best and worst scores are counted (net or gross).


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