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3.9 Johnny Herbert


This article is from the Formula One Motor Racing FAQ, by mitchmcc@ultranet.com (Mitchell McCann) with numerous contributions by others.

3.9 Johnny Herbert

Nationality: British (English)
Age - DOB: 32 - June 27th, 1964
Born: Romford, England
Resident: Monaco
Current team: Sauber
Former team(s): Benetton, Tyrrell, Lotus, Ligier,

One of the most popular figures in F1, Johnny Herbert began his racing
career in karts at the age of 10 winning two British championships
over the next 8 years. He moved onto FF1600 in 1983 and FF2000 and F3
in 1986. In 1987 he won the British F3 championship with Eddie Jordan
Racing and was signed by Benetton as a test driver. In 1988 he moved
up to F3000 with Jordan, winning his first race at Jerez before being
seriously injured at Brands Hatch. Despite not being fully recovered
from his injuries he started the 1989 season for Benetton in F1
scoring a 4th and a 5th place before being rested by the team at
mid-season. He returned briefly to F1 the same year with Tyrrell.

In 1990 Herbert was the test driver for Lotus and raced
intermittently for the team for the next two years. He continued
with Lotus for 92 and 93 on a full time basis and finished 14th
and 9th respectively. He raced for three teams in 94 - Lotus,
Ligier and then Benetton for the last two races. He stayed with
Benetton for the 95 season and finished 4th in the championship
winning his first GP at the British GP. Towards the end of the
season, he complained bitterly about his treatment at the hands
of Benetton and Schumacher. 96 was a disappointing year mainly
due to the unreliability of the Sauber, not to mention the poor
performance of the Ford engine, although he did make it to the
podium in Monaco as the last of the finishers! Herbert has stayed
with Sauber for 97 and with their new deal with Ferrari, this
will be an important year for Sauber and Herbert.

He is married with two daughters.


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