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47. Fitness Books that have been suggested:


This article is from the Fitness FAQ, by Jeff Gleixner (glex@cray.com) with numerous contributions by others.

47. Fitness Books that have been suggested:

"The NEW Fit or FAT" (or Fit or Fat) by Covert Bailey $7.95
Covert explains how the body burns fat and why. Easy
reading and probably the best information/dollar ratio.

"Getting Stronger" by Bill Pearl ~$15
Good all around book. It lists programs for specific sports.

From: jedwards@unixg.ubc.ca
"BRAWN" by Stuart McRobert $18.95
Brawn is a good book for hardgainers... His methods are unlike
any others in the bodybuilding industry, especially his routines,
# of exercises, and number of sets. However, he claims to have a
high success rate with his clients and the book is pretty cheap,
through Musclemag International.

It can also be ordered from:

Send a check or money order for $18.95 plus $3.00 s/h to
HARDGAINER, PO Box 6365, Louisville, KY 40207.
Or from
CS Publishing Ltd
P.O. Box 8186

in Ca (209)-736-4501

From: Matt Brzycki
"Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook" by Nancy Clark $15

Contains 300 pages of common sense nutritional information and
more than 100 recipes. Clark is a nationally-known speaker and
writer. Chapter topics include healthy snacks, "sports salads,"
eating on the road, pre-exercise foods, post-exercise foods,
supplements, weight gain/loss and eating disorders. The book
is published by Leisure Press (a subdivision of Human Kinetics) and
goes for about $15. ISBN is 0-88011-326-X

From Marty Banschbach
"Introduction to Nutrition, Exercise and Health" $39.95

Frank Katch, Ph.D.
Department of Exercise Science
University of Massachusetts

William McArdle, Ph.D.
Department of Health and Physical Education
Queens College

Publisher: Lea and Febiger 4th edition 1993
Box 3024
200 Chester Field Parkway
Malvern, Pa 19355-9725
(215) 251-2230

Customer Service 800 number: 1-800-638-0672

This is by far the best nutrition book for people interested in
general fitness that I have ever come across in all my reading
of different nutrition textbooks.

It has a chapter devoted to building muscle size and strength
(chapter 18) geared more to bodybuilders and it also has a chapter
devoted to general conditioning with sections on both aerobic
workouts and anaerobic workouts geared for other types of
athletes(Chapter 19). It also has a chapter(20) devoted solely
to exercise and diet for cardiovascular health for the people who
aren't really interested in improving their performance in a specific
sport but simply want to get some cardiovascular tone.

From: "Timothy J. Block" <tblock@umich.edu>
"Weight Training and Lifting" by John Lear, ISBN 0 7136 5643.

This books concerns it self with power lifting and training.

From: Fahey@psyvax.psy.utexas.edu (Richard Fahey)

AUTHOR: Fleck, Steven J., 1951-
TITLE: Designing resistance training programs/Steven J. Fleck,
William J. Kraemer.
PUBLISHED: Champaign, Ill. : Human Kinetics Books, c1987.
DESCRIPTION: xv, 264 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
NOTES: Includes index.
Bibliography: p. 235-260.
SUBJECTS: Isometric exercise
OTHER AUTHORS: Kraemer, William J., 1953-
ISBN: 0873221133
OCLC NUMBER: 15630379

From: barry@math.ucla.edu (Barry Merriman)
Subject: Hi Volume vs. Mentzer/Darden/Jones HIT training

Weight Training: A Scientific Approach,
by Michael Stone, PhD and Harold Obryant, Phd.
ISBN 0-8087-6942-1
360 pages, illustrated.
copyright 1987. cost: about $27.

From khenry@austin.wireline.slb.com
Kenneth Cooper's "Aerobics"

Other interesting books found at my local library:

"Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" by Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Arnolds Bodybuilding for Men" by Arnold Schwarzenegger

"High Performance Bodybuilding" by John Parillo & Maggie

"Winning Bodybuilding" by Franco Colombu


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