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21.1 What are some aerobic-related phone numbers I should know?


This article is from the Aerobics Fitness FAQ, by oaktree@shell.urjet.net (Robles) with numerous contributions by others.

21.1 What are some aerobic-related phone numbers I should know?

(from Liesl Kolbe <kolbe@pando.cxo.dec.com>)


Power Productions 1-800-771-BEAT (2328)
MusicFlex 1-800-MUFX (6839)
PROMotion Music 1-800-3804PRO overseas 1-214-219-7410
(free demo tape)
Muscle Mixes 1-800-52mixes (free catalog)
Ken Alan Associates 1-800-536-6060 (free catalog)
Aerobics Music Service 1-800-430-3539 (free sample and catalog)
Body Rhythms 203-489-3526 (custom tapes, drumming & percussion)
Custom Sounds EuroTrax 1-800-mix-trix
SpinMaster Vin 1-800-540-7381 (custom tapes free catalog)


Complete Guide to Exercise Videos (Collage) 1-800-433-6769
(free catalog)
The Firm 1-800-THE FIRM

Sound Systems:

Audio Visual Now 1-800-491-6874
Supreme Audio 1-800-445-7398 (free catalog)
Hydrophonics 1-800-794-6626 (aqua mikes and sound)
Wireless 315-343-2857 (mike systems)
JoShel Engineering 315-343-2857

Equipment, clothes, books:

Ground Control 1-800-476-8631 (air bench pro)
Lady Foot Locker 1-800-877-5239 (for nearest location)
Body Wrappers 1-800-323-0786 (clothing)
California ID 1-800-804-2243 (clothing)
Schwinn 1-303-473-9609 (info on cardio bikes)
Human Kinetics 1-800-747-4457 Canada 800-465-7301
(free brochure, books)
Fitness Wholesale 1-800-537-5512 (free catalog apparel & equipment)
Sportjock 1-800-634-4556 (clothes)
Workout Warehouse 1-800-942-8436
(free catalog equipment & educational)
Eurotard Bodywear 1-800-747-0875
OPTP 1-800-367-7393 (exercise balls)
FitBALL 1-800-890-2255 (exercise balls)
Training Camp 1-800-238-5241 (slides)
Forza +44(0)171 488 9488 (fitness equipment in Europe)
R&J Sports 1-800-842-9738 (free catalog discount shoes)
All That Glitters 1-800-771-4fun (free catalog clothes)
Fitness Products 1-800-421-1791 (free catalog)
Road Runner Sports 1-800-551-5558 (Running and Fitness source)


IDEA 1-800-999-4332 ext 7 (membership info)
FitClub 1-800-653-club (coach and club packages for kid's fitness)
SFA Senior Fitness Association 1-800-243-1478 (courses)
NSCA National Strength & Conditioning Association 402-476-6669
AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) 1-800-446-2322
ACE (American Council on Exercise) 1-800-825-3636


22.1 What are some of the best workout videos?

Here is the list of top workout videos, compiled from news group

(from Casey Scalzi <cscalzi@kiku.hi.com>

   Title             Instructor      Time              Level
  Super Stomachs    Joanie Greggains   15 min
  Phenomenal        Joanie Greggains   30 min
  Weight Watchers                      30 min X 3 tapes
  2000 series Steel Tamilee Webb       50 min X 5 tapes
2 The Firm 1                           60 min  aerob/weight varying
2 The Firm 2                           60 min  aerob/weight varying
  The Firm 3                           60 min  aerob/weight varying
  The Firm 4                           45 min  aerob/weight varying
  The Firm 6                           48 min               varying
  The Firm Tortoise                    60 min               varying
3 Buns and Thighs    Kathy Smith       60 min  Step         varying
2 Step Aerobics      Kathy Smith       60 min  Step         varying
  Sweat Express      Kari Anderson     60 min  Dance Aerob. Intermed
  Step Right Up      Charlene Prickett 60 min  Basic Step   Intermed
  Buns of Steel I    Greg Smith       
  Energy Sprint      Karen Voight's    80 min  Step/toning  advanced
  Power Step Reebok                    40 min  Step workout advanced
  Circuit Training   Keli Robert's     60 min  Circuit step
2 Step Reebok        Gin Miller        40 min  Step         intermed
  Step Ahead         Candace Copeland  45 min  Step         int/adv 
  Serious Curves     Charlene Prickett
  Arms of Steel for Men
  Abs of Steel    Tamilee Webb
  Energy Sprint   Karen Voight         80 min  Step         Mixed/adv
  Two the Max     Kari Anderson        40 min  Hi-lo/step   Advanced

**I received 7 responses to this query. The entries with 2
in the far left were voted for twice.

Comments on Tapes:

Step Right Up - very basic step moves, but constant &
challenging, varying.

Sweat Express - very "dancey" and you need lots of space!

The Firm - low-impact aerobics using free weights for
about one half of the tape. Volume 6 and the Tortoise
also use a barbell and include step aerobics segments,
although the stepping sections aren't very long or very
challenging. The second half of the tape includes floor
exercises for legs, Abs, butt and arms, and a stretching
section followed by a cool down. The Firm routines can
be customized for any level exerciser by varying the amount
of weight used. Beginners are instructed not to use any
weights at all. Weights increase as fitness level increases.

The Firm - They all have in common the use of hand-weights
for combined cardio and strength training. All of these
videos can be tailored to individual levels by decreasing/increasing
the amount of the hand-weight used. The music is not top-40
anything, I think the scores might have been written for
the FIRM videos-- the music therefore never gets dull.

Vol #1: Simple moves, heaviest weights required, very much
strength-oriented, but it gives a great cardio workout too.
The Abs are killers!

Vol #2: Much more "dancey", but still a good strength workout.
The Abs are also very hard!

Vol #3: Step. Somewhat complicated at times, but still a
good workout.

Vol #4: Step and Strength. This a great overall workout.
I find that I use it a lot just because it is slightly shorter
and I have a million things to do.

Kathy Smith - divided into sections. Beginning exercisers do
the warm up, cool down, and just one stepping section. Advanced
exercisers do more or all stepping sections.

Kathy Smith - Buns and Thighs is VERY intense using standing
strengthening exercises that really tax the glutes, hams and
quads. To me it was so difficult it was a little anaerobic. But
that can be a good way to increase your anaerobic threshold.

Buns of Steel I - with Greg Smith is good, but I prefer a cardio
workout to the body toning. Although I do this tape more than
the other "toning" tapes I have. I have "Buns of Steel III" with
Tamilee Webb (I think that's how to spell her name) and I don't
like it as much. I find the squats are harder to do at the pace
she sets.

Energy Sprint - I have NEVER found a tape that has done as much
for me as this tape. It starts with lower body toning then
proceeds to about 40 min. of aerobics and high-intensity (and
sometimes high impact) aerobic sections called energy sprints.
The sprints REALLY get your heart going, pushing your aerobic
threshold then you recover in a short, lower-intensity segment.
The end of the tape has thorough upper body and ab toning. The
music is motivating, too. I noticed several things about this
tape right away: 1) it made me sweat like no other I've tried;
2) it works a lot of additional muscle groups that most step
tapes ignore; 3) My cardiovascular endurance increased dramatically
in less than a month of doing this tape 2x/week, thanks to the
interval training. I wouldn't call the tape "dancey", but rather
dance inspired-- the movements are graceful and controlled, use
lots of large limb movements and balances.

Two the Max - A ton of fun for those of us who like a very fast
paced, highly choreographed, "dancey" workout. I've done this video
at least once a week for over a year and it still makes me smile.

Step Reebok - Less "dancey". Very good cueing. The power step tape
is very intense and all moves can be done without the hop. I do
find that these tapes can become boring even though they are
intense. The simple choreography and robot like class can wear on

Fitness Background:

How long have you been exercising to videos?
All respondents exercised to videos regularly for at least 1.5
years. Some for as many as 8 years.

How often do you exercise?
Most respondents use exercise videos as the main form of exercise,
using the videos around 5 days per week and doing at least one video.

What is your level of fitness?
Respondents who answered this question were of intermediate to
advanced level.

What other cross training methods do you use?
Run approx. 20 mi./wk in good weather
Occasional long hikes
3 days at gym for aerobics and two days at gym for weights


I have gotten great results from Keli Roberts Circuit Video muscle
training and Step. Also for those interested in Pilates Keli's
Step video has a "Pilates like"l Abdominal section!
I'd like to vote for Keli Roberts Step (54 minutes) and Keli Roberts
Circuit Training (56 minutes) Videos
Both Inter/ Advanced and about

The Circuit training video uses a band or weights and muscle
training is mixed with step aerobics.

I used to belong to a club and go to step class and lift weights
but I ran out of time.... About 9 months ago I started using tapes
and bought a step. I have used a bunch of tapes but these more
than any other (I still use the Reebok Step Circuit Challenge a bit)
I ordered Cathe Friedrich's Mega Step Blast from Collage Video.
All I can say is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! This is the best high
impact advanced tape I've ever done. I highly recommend it.


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