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3.7 Fencing Software


This article is from the Fencing FAQ, by Morgan Burke with numerous contributions by others.

3.7 Fencing Software

There are numerous software packages available for the
administration of fencing tournaments. They generally provide for
automated seeding, pooling, and elimination tableau organization,
with the ability to display/print out intermediate and final
results. They are best suited for events with 15 to 250 or more
entrants. With less than 15 entrants, organization is generally
faster by hand.

Engarde is a French program (by J. F. Nicaud of Paris) that is
currently in wide use by the FIE, and is downloadable from the FIE
website. It is available in French, English, Spanish, German,
Portuguese, and Hungarian, and runs on Windows.

ATHOS is another French program (by Christian Coulon of Paris)
that has seen extensive use by the FIE. In runs in French or
English on PCs. ATHOS is commercial software, but the price
includes unlimited upgrades and support. Contact Marc Walch
(Marc.J.Walch@JPL.NASA.GOV, (818) 354 5688).

Xseed is an American program (by Dan McCormick of Hudson, Ohio),
supported by the USFA only. It runs on Windows and is expected to
be downloadable from the USFA website.

Shipshape is a British program that runs on PCs. Contact Colin
Hillier at 3 Elm Close, Shipham, Somerset, BS25 1UG, UK, Tel: +44
(0) 1934 843984.

The Director is an Australian program for MS-Windows (3.1, 95).
Contact Powerbyte at 9/26 Stirling Street, Thebarton, South
Australia, Australia 5031, Tel: +61-8-8303 3519,
Fax: +61-8-8303 4363.

Fencomp 1.0 is a shareware DOS program that is available from

Craig Lancaster is offering a Windows-based program for free
evaluation. Contact him at craigl@waverider.co.uk, or visit his
web page (http://wavespace.waverider.co.uk/~craigl)
for more info.

Point Control is available for "what-it's-worth-to-you" at
http://www.pointcontrol.com. Some demos are also available at
that site.

FRED is the Fencing Registration and Events Database an online
system at http://www.askfred.net.

Fencing Time is tournament software that integrates into FRED (above).
See http://www.fencingtime.com for more info.

Cyrano, a package for notating fencing choreography and other
types of stage fights, is available at http://www.bergsoft.de.


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