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3.4 Fencing Magazines


This article is from the Fencing FAQ, by Morgan Burke with numerous contributions by others.

3.4 Fencing Magazines

Hammerterz Forum - A quarterly publication focussing on the
practical traditions and literature of swordplay. US$35/year,
US$60/2 years. Hammerterz Verlag, P.O. Box 13448, Baltimore, MD,
21203, USA.

Cut and Thrust - A journal dedicated to the history, research and
development of edged weapons. Published 4 times/year by Ronin
M/A Publications, 34-3 Shunpike Road, Dept 162 Cromwell, CT
06416 USA. Subscription cost: $20/year.

Veteran Fencers Quarterly - A quarterly publication
focussing on veteran's fencing. Subscriptions are $8/year.
Contact zippydav@aol.com for more information.

Academy of Arms Online Quarterly - A Web-zine "dedicated to
the True Art, Science, and Spirit of the Sword." Subscriptions
are US$20 per year. See http://www.clarityconnect.com/webpages/ifv/v1n1.html
for information.

Japanese Sword Society of the United States Newsletter - on
collecting and appreciating Japanese Swords. Published by
JSS/US Box 712 Breckenridge, Texas USA 76024. Subscription
cost: $25/yr in USA, $35/yr foreign.

Gekkan Kendo Nippon (monthly Japan Kendo) - Japanese sword arts
magazine, published in Japanese by Ski Journal Co. Ltd. 3-11
Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan. Subscription cost: 8106

Fencing Association Magazines/Newsletters:

Escrime Internationale - published by the FIE (see section 3.1
for contact information. Prices are 170 FF or $35 US for
subscribers outside of France (150 FF/$30 otherwise). A
subscription form can be found on the FIE web page.

American Fencing - published quarterly by USFA (see section 3.1
for contact information). Subscriptions for non-members of
the USFA are $12 in the US and $24 elsewhere. USFA members
subscribe through their dues. Subscriptions also include the
quarterly National Newsletter. Back issues available at

Escrime - published 6 times/year by Federation Francaise
d'Escrime, in French. Subscription cost: approx 230 FF/yr +
75 Fr for Air Mail. See section 3.1 for telephone/address

The Sword - published quarterly by Amateur Fencing Association.
Subscription cost: 12 pounds/yr (domestic?). See section 3.1
for telephone/address info, or visit their website at


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