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faqs, myths, jargon, etc for the glorious game of Cricket

This FAQ about RSC/UKSC Cricket was compiled and written by Ganesh with numerous contributions by others.

Part I: Quick Answers

-01 I am new to cricket. Please explain it for me.
-02 Where can I find the rules of the game?
-03 Where do I buy tickets?
-04 Is the A__ vs E___ test match live on the net?
-05 How can I watch cricket in the USA?
-06 What about playing cricket in the USA?
-07 Where can I buy merchandise?
-08 Any good cricket statistics software?

Part II: Dismissals

-09 How does the LBW law work?
-10 Explaination of Point of Impact clause(s).
-11 You can't be out LBW offering a shot, can you?
-12 How many ways of getting out are there?
-13 What are the 10 "standard" ways of getting out?
-14 What about the 11th out?
-15 Any instances of batsmen getting "retired out"?
-16 Can you be stumped off a no-ball?

Part III: Fast Bowling

-17 What's an extra yard of pace?
-18 So how much is a yard of pace equal to in mph?
-19 How are fast bowlers classified?
-20 On what basis are they classified?
-21 Which is faster? Medium-Fast or Fast-Medium?
-22 Why should it be the other way around??!
-23 What is the average bowling speed of a fast bowler?
-24 Which reminds me, how to convert from km/h to miles/h and vice-versa?
-25 Is there a website where bowling speeds are provided?

Part IV: Batting

-26 What are the various crease marks?
-27 What's the legside and the offside?
-28 What are the basic field positions?
-29 But there are many more positions than you have shown!
-30 What's the guard?
-31 What 's front-on and side-on batting?
-32 What is shouldering arms ?
-33 What is a nightwatchman ?
-34 What exactly is a pinch-hitter?

Part V: Bowling

-35 What is Over the wicket?
-36 What is a in-cutter? What's a out-swinger?
-37 What is reverse swing ?
-38 Misuse of the term reverse swing
-39 What is a googly/wrong'un ?
-40 What is a topspinner ?
-41 What is a flipper?
-42 Who invented the flipper?
-43 What is a chinaman ?
-44 Why is it called so?
-45 What is a left-armer's googly called?
-46 What is a armball ?

Part VI: Misc Terms

-47 What is ?
-48 What was that "whatashot"?

Part VII: Common Myths

-49 Wasn't Cricket once a part of the Olympics?
-50 200 runs lead neeeded to enfore follow-on. Right?

Part VIII: Scoring Faqs

-51 How can I keep score using software?
-52 Using traditional methods?
-53 Would you summarize the notation used?
-54 Any advice for someone starting out?
-55 Where can I download sample sheets/learn more?
-56 How to become a registered scorer?
-57 Other sites of interest?

Part IX: Bat And Its Care

-58 Any tips for buying my bat?
-59 How do I "knock in" a bat?
-60 I have a problem with water seeping into the bat.
-61 The rubber grip on my handle keeps sliding up.
-62 How do I put the grip on the bat?
-63 How do I use the grip-applicator cone?
-64 Is there a good online store to buy cricket equipment?

Part X: Miscellaneous

-65 Where I can find the humorous description of cricket?
-66 What does it means when a cricketer is awarded his cap?
-67 What do the numbers on the players' caps mean?
-68 Is there an online resource where these are available???
-69 Who takes precedence if 2 players debut in the same side?
-70 How did expressions like maiden, hattrick etc originate?
-71 I don't understand this Duckworth/Lewis method.
-72 And finally ...

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