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Hardgainer Bodybuilding & Weightlifting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the "Hardgainer" method of body-building / weight-lifting.

This FAQ about Hardgainer Bodybuilding & Weightlifting was compiled and written by Frank J. Kelly and Craig R. Sadler with numerous contributions by others.

-1.1 What is a "hardgainer"?
-1.2 Am I a hardgainer?
-1.3 What is overtraining / How do I know if I am overtraining?
-1.4 What kind of results/gains can a Hardgainer expect?
-1.5 What costs are involved?
-2.1 What exercises should I do?
-2.2.1 What are the basic movements?
-2.2.2 What movements can be ignored and why?
-2.3.1 How often should I work out?
-2.4 What equipment is required?
-2.6 What must hardgainers focus on and what can they ignore?
-3.1 What is Intensity Cycling?
-3.2.1 Why do athletes cycle intensity?
-3.3 How do I put a cycle together?
-3.4 What happens to a cycle when I get sick?
-3.5 What are the keys to a cycle?
-3.6 Will I lose muscle mass and strength if I cycle my intensity?
-3.7 Exercise X is gaining like a demon, but exercise Y has stopped. Should I stop my cycle?
-3.8 Specialization Routines
-4.0 A word of warning.
-4.1 Why do I have to use the Squat and/or the Deadlift?
-4.2 How do I Squat?
-4.2.1 Squats and their impact on the Gluteals
-4.2.2 Squats and compression of the spine
-4.2.3 Squats and the lower back
-4.2.4 Squats and the knees
-4.2.5 Alternatives to the Squat?
-4.3 How do I do the Classic Deadlift (DL / BLDL)?
-4.3 How do I do the Stiff Legged Deadlift(SLD)?
-4.4 Why are 15-20+ reps best for these exercises?
-4.5 What powerlifting gear will help me in these lifts?
-5.0 HIT vs. Hardgainer
-5.1 What grips/stances are recommended for the exercises?
-5.2 How and when should I do aerobics?
-5.3 What differences apply for Women?
-5.3.1 Especially for Young Lifters
-5.4 Where can I get those little 0.5 and 1lb plates?
-5.5 How do I subscribe to HARDGAINER magazine ?
-5.6 How do I get a copy of "Brawn"?
-5.7 How do I get a copy of "The Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight-Training Technique"?

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