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5.7 Who can tell me about boat X?


This article is from the Boats FAQ, by John F. Hughes with numerous contributions by others.

5.7 Who can tell me about boat X?

Various people on the net know about their own boats and seem to be
willing to talk. Here is a list of boat types, e-mail addresses, and names.

Alberg 30        bobp@sandr.com                 Bob Parkinson
Alberg 37        jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
Albin Vega 27    gucpe@gd.chalmers.se          Peter Gustafsson
Albin Vega 27    currier@ctron.com             Tom Currier
Beneteau First 235 lastra@cs.unc.edu          Anselmo Lastra
First 405 & 456      gucpe@gd.chalmers.se      Peter Gustafsson
C"&C 32          kell@mprgate.mpr.ca           Dave Kell
Cal 20           stefan@sunrise.stanford.edu  Stefan Michalowski
Cal 20           hchan@well.sf.ca.us           Hoover Chan
Cascade 29       lgbarker@teleport.com         Larry Barker
Catalina 27      wms@spin.ho.att.com           Wayne Simpson
Catalina 25      bobp@sandr.com                 Bob Parkinson
Cotuit Skiff     bobp@sandr.com                 Bob Parkinson
Cotuit Skiff     BroadwayPl@aol.com            Kip Gould
Coronado 15      steve@test490.pac.sc.ti.com  Steve Comen
Crealock 37      marc@dwp.la.ca.us             Marc Hall
CS 33            dgm@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca    David G. Macneil
CSY-44           GERMAIN@CDHF2.GSFC.NASA.GOV  Andy Germain
DN Iceboat       jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
Dovekie          jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
Drascombe Coaster lastra@cs.unc.edu           Anselmo Lastra
Ericson 27       haggart@SLAC.STANFORD.EDU     Craig Haggart
Etchells 22      ross@geac.com                  Ross Morrissey
Flying Dutchman guido@blink.att.com           Guido Bertucci
Gulfstar 37      larry@pdn.paradyne.com        Larry Swift
Herreschoff 12  jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
HinkleyIslander bobp@sandr.com                 Bob Parkinson
J/24             roy@wombat.phri.nyu.edu       Roy Smith
J-30             jmruzzi@tasc.com              Joe Ruzzi
Jeanneau 31      crossle1@cc.swarthmore.edu    Cindy Rossley
Laser 28         JMHBC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU         Jim Howell
MacGregor 19     WILCOX@LCC.STONEHILL.EDU      Russ Wilcox
MacGregor 25     kell@mprgate.mpr.ca           Dave Kell
MacGregor 26     lgbarker@teleport.com         Larry Barker
Mercer 44        jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
Olson 25         stefan@sunrise.stanford.edu  Stefan Michalowski
Puddleduck pram bobp@sandr.com                 Bob Parkinson
R 2.4 (mini-12) gucpe@gd.chalmers.se          Peter Gustafsson
Swan 36          tpl@ces.cwru.edu              Tom Lightbody
Stone Horse      jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
Thunderbird      ross@geac.com                  Ross Morrissey
Thistle          sblair@tivoli.com             Steve Blair
Tige' 2002 Fslm comp wwalker@qualcomm.com     Bill Walker
Tornado          jfh@cs.brown.edu              John Hughes
PearsonVanguard scfisher@oasys.dt.navy.mil    Steve Fisher
Shannon 43 KetchJMHBC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU         Jim Howell
Sonar            spencer@panix.com             David Spencer
Westerly SealordJMHBC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU         Jim Howell


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