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8a.7 Common Torque Values


This article is from the Bicycles FAQ, by Mike Iglesias with numerous contributions by others.

8a.7 Common Torque Values

From: Mike Iglesias <iglesias@draco.acs.uci.edu>

These torque values are from the Third Hand catalog. All values are in
inch pounds (in lbs); to convert to foot pounds (ft lbs), divide by 12.

Stem binder bolt              100-120   Brake levers to handlebars    75-95
Handlebar binder              145-200   Brake cable binders           55-75
Controls to frame              35-45    Straddle nut (yoke)           50-70
Front shifter to frame         25-45    Brake pads to brake           45-75
Front shifter to cable binder  25-45    Brake dome nut                50-80
Rear shifter to frame         120-145   Crank bolt                   250-300
Rear shifter cable binder      25-45    Chainring bolts              100-120
Jockey wheel bolt              25-45    Nutted front hub               180
Seat binder bolt               35-55    Nutted rear hub                300
Caliper brakes to frame       100-120   Waterbottle cage              25-35
Cantilever brake to frame      45-60    Fender to frame bolts         50-60
Cantilever brake link wire     35-45    Toeclips to pedals            25-45
Kickstand                       60

[Here is another list of torque values from Barnett Bicycle Institute
sent in by Richard Ney <rtn@gis.net>. All values are inch pounds.]

BMX handlebar binder bolts			240
BMX stem binder bolt				170-180
Bottom bracket fixed cup			240-300
Bottom bracket lockring				240-300
Brake levers on drop handlebars			60-72
Brake levers on MTB handlebars			36-60
Cable carrier pinch nut				48-72
Cantilever arm pinch nut/bolt			36-48
Cantilever brake caliper mounting nut		24
Cast-type BMX brake lever			36-60
Centerpull caliper mounting nut			12-36
Chainring bolts					48-72
Clamp-mount shift lever bolt			24-30
Cotterless crank arms				300-360
Crank arm dust caps				48
Crank extractor into crank arm			180-240
Double bolt integral seat clamp bolts		72-96
Drop handlebar binder bolt			205-240
Drop bar stem binder bolt			145-170
Front axle nuts (wheel mounting)		180-240
Front derailleur cable pinch			36-48
Front derailleur mounting bolt			36-48
Handlebar end-mounted shifter			48
Headset locknut					300 (minimum)
Hub locknuts					175-220
Mounting nut on threaded stud brake shoes	48-60
MTB multiple handle binder bolt			60-84
MTB single handlebar binder bolt		175-240
MTB stem binder bolt				170-180
Nonintegral seat clamp nuts			130-170
One-piece bottom bracket fixed cone		300 (minimum)
One-piece bottom bracket lock nut		240
Pedal installation				350
Pedal locknuts					100-125
Rear axle nuts (wheel mounting)			240-300
Rear derailleur cable pinch			36-48
Rear derailleur to hanger			72-84
Rollercam cam plate pinch nut			48-72
Rollercam roller locknut			36-48
Seat post binder bolt				72-96
Sidepull caliper cable pinch			48-72
Sidepull caliper mounting nut			72-84
Sidepull caliper pivot locknut			48-72
Single bolt integral seatclamp bolt		120-145
Stem mounted shift lever bolt			24-30
Thumb shifter mounting bolt			12-18


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