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5.2 Major Tour Winners 1947-1990


This article is from the Bicycles FAQ, by Mike Iglesias with numerous contributions by others.

5.2 Major Tour Winners 1947-1990

From: Tim Smith <tsmith@gryphon.CTS.COM>

[Ed note: I'm hoping Tim won't be too upset if I add to the list he posted.
I need some help filling in the last few years.]

Winners of the Big Three National Tours -- Since 1947:

	Tour de France		Giro d'Italia		Vuelta d'Espana
1947	Jean Robic (F)		Fausto Coppi (I)	E. van Dyck (B)
1948	Gino Bartali (I)	F. Magni (I)		B. Ruiz (E)
1949	Fausto Coppi (I)	F. Coppi		(not held)
1950	Ferdi Kubler (CH)	Hugo Koblet (CH)	E. Rodriguez (E)
1951	Hugo Koblet (CH)	F. Magni		(nh)
1952	Fausto Coppi		F. Coppi		(nh)
1953	Louison Bobet (F)	F. Coppi		(nh)
1954	Louison Bobet		C. Clerici (CH)		(nh)
1955	Louison Bobet		F. Magni		J. Dotto (F)
1956	Roger Walkowiak (F)	Charly Gaul (L)		A. Conterno (I)
1957	Jacques Anquetil (F)	Gastone Nencini (I)	J. Lorono (E)
1958	Charly Gaul (L)		E. Baldini (I)		Jean Stablinski (F)
1959	Federico Bahamontes (E)	Charly Gaul		A. Suarez (E)
1960	Gastone Nencini (I)	Jacques Anquetil (F)	F. de Mulder (B)
1961	Jacques Anquetil	A. Pambianco (I)	A. Soler (E)
1962	Jacques Anquetil	F. Balmamion (I)	Rudy Altig (D)
1963	Jacques Anquetil	F. Balmamion		J. Anquetil (F)
1964	Jacques Anquetil	Jacques Anquetil	Raymond Poulidor (F)
1965	Felice Gimondi (I)	V. Adorni (I)		R. Wolfshohl (D)
1966	Lucien Aimar (F)	Gianni Motta (I)	F. Gabica (E)
1967	Roger Pingeon (F)	Felice Gimondi (I)	J. Janssen (NDL)
1968	Jan Janssen (NDL)	Eddy Merckx (B)		Felice Gimondi (I)
1969	Eddy Merckx (B)		Felice Gimondi		Roger Pingeon (F)
1970	Eddy Merckx		Eddy Merckx		Luis Ocana (E)
1971	Eddy Merckx		Gosta Petersson (S)	F. Bracke (B)
1972	Eddy Merckx		Eddy Merckx		J-M Fuente (E)
1973	Luis Ocana (E)		Eddy Merckx		Eddy Merckx (B)
1974	Eddy Merckx		Eddy Merckx		J-M Fuente
1975	Bernard Thevenet (F)	F. Bertoglio (I)	Tamames (E)
1976	Lucien van Impe (B)	Felice Gimondi		J. Pesarrodona (E)
1977	Bernard Thevenet	Michel Pollentier (B)	Freddy Maertens (B)
1978	Bernard Hinault (F)	J. de Muynck (B)	Bernard Hinault (F)
1979	Bernard Hinault		Giuseppe Saronni (I)	Joop Zoetemelk (NDL)
1980	Joop Zoetemelk (NDL)	Bernard Hinault (F)	F. Ruperez (E)
1981	Bernard Hinault		Giovanni Battaglin (I)	Giovanni Battaglin (I)
1982	Bernard Hinault		Bernard Hinault		Marino Lejarreta (E)
1983	Laurent Fignon (F)	Giuseppe Saronni (I)	Bernard Hinault (F)
1984	Laurent Fignon		Francesco Moser (I)	Eric Caritoux (F)
1985	Bernard Hinault		Bernard Hinault		Pedro Delgado (E)
1986	Greg Lemond (USA)	Roberto Visentini (I)	Alvaro Pino (E)
1987	Stephen Roche (EIR)	Stephen Roche (EIR)	Luis Herrera (Col.)
1988	Pedro Delgado (E)	Andy Hampsten (USA)	Sean Kelly (EIR)
1989    Greg Lemond (USA)	Laurent Fignon (F)	Pedro Delgado (E)
1990    Greg Lemond (USA)	Guanni Bugno (I)	Marco Giovanetti (I)
1991    Miguel Indurain (E)	Franco Chioccioli (I)	Melchior Mauri (E)
1992    Miguel Indurain (E)     Miguel Indurain (E)     Toni Rominger (CH)
1993    Miguel Indurain (E)     Miguel Indurain (E)     Toni Rominger (CH)
1994    Miguel Indurain (E)     Eugeni Berzin (RUS)     Toni Rominger(CH)
1995    Miguel Indurain (E)     Toni Rominger (CH)      Laurent Jalabert (FR)
1996    Bjarne Rijs (DK)        Pavel Tonkov (RUS)      Alex Zulle (CH)
1997    Jan Ullrich             Ivan Gotti (I)          Alex Zulle (CH)
1998    Marco Pantani (I)       Marco Pantani (I)       Abraham Olano
1999    Lance Armstrong (USA)   Ivan Gotti (I)          Jan Ullrich
2000    Lance Armstrong (USA)   Stefano Garzelli (I)    Roberto Heras
2001    Lance Armstrong (USA)   Gilberto Simoni (I)     Angel Casero

The Tour started in 1903, and was not held 1915-1918 and 1940-1946.
The Giro started in 1909, and was not held 1915-1918 and 1941-1945.

Source: 1947-1982: "La Fabuleuse Histoire du Cyclisme" by Pierre Chany.
1982-1988: my fallible memory. Would someone complete 1983 and
1984, and correct any mistakes? Thanks.

One interesting observation: almost all the winners of the Tour were
big names in their time (yes, even Charly Gaul and Jean Robic.)

There were no same-year winners of the Tour and the Giro before 1949.
In fact, the first year a non-Italian won the Giro was 1950.


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