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2.1 Bike Painting


This article is from the Misc Bicycles FAQs, by various authors.

2.1 Bike Painting

From: shenry@cs.rice.edu (Sam Henry)

here is the information I have archived on this subject. Have not
seen it in the FAQ, but maybe it belongs, or maybe I was obtuse when

Article: 19810 of rec.bicycles
From: android@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (Andy Wilks)
Newsgroups: rec.bicycles

In article <1991Apr1.002603.12556@oakhill.sps.mot.com>
joeh@oakhill.sps.mot.com (Joe Hollinger) writes:
>Okay, I'll bet this question has been asked before, but ...
>What is the deal with painting aluminum frames, specifically
>Cannondales? Has anyone done this? What are the procedures for
>stripping, priming, painting? Are there any good references for this?

I learned to paint airplanes in the Navy and quickly applied this
knowledge to bicycling. I don't know of any references, but the guys
at your local auto parts store might be helpful. A good paint job is
rather complex and requires a lot of tools that the average person
doesn't have. But if you have a compressor and a clean place to paint,
then you might give it a try. Also check state regulations, In some
states painting in anyplace other than a licensed booth is illegal.
first strip with a good aircraft type stripper, zip strip will not
remove polyurethane factory coats very well. I use PPG Aircraft
stripper. An aluminum frame will then have to chemically treated with
if you don't believe me, TRY IT!!! After this apply a coat or two
of primer. Then apply the color coat. Next come the decorative colors.
Then a few coats of clear. If you have stickers that are compatible with
your paint system ( won't peel or melt ) then they can be applied UNDER
the clear coat for a really smooth look.
That's about it. A good gun to use for bicycles is a Binks 115.
I use all PPG Deltron products. This is a polurethane paint. I don't
reccomend laquer because it is not durable and fades quickly. All of
the above products are considered hazardous material and should be disposed
of properly. Also they are EXTREMELY dangerous, A respirator should
be worn at all times. DO NOT use a particle filter mask.

Also polyurethane paint cures because of a chemical reaction with
the catalyst. It does not need to baked. This accelerates the
drying, but does not make it any better.

For steel a different metal prep is used, but the rest is the same.

Neons and other fancy colors may require a basecoat and multiple
applications of color coat.

DuPont is OK paint too, but I don't care for their enviromental
attitude, so I don't use it!!

Painting is fairly complicated and can be dangerous, so I don't reccomend
it unless you have the proper equipment and training.

Any question?? give me a holler.


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