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27 The rec.aviation glossary: Airspace, misc


This article is from the Aviation FAQ, by Geoffrey G. Peck geoff@peck.com with numerous contributions by others.

27 The rec.aviation glossary: Airspace, misc

Changes to the U.S. Airspace system were instituted on 9/16/93; the changes
are primarily nomenclature, as shown below. Note that there are a few
rules changes in addition to name changes -- consult the latest AIM.

        Old name:                                       After 9/16/93:
        ---------                                       --------------
ARSA    Airport Radar Service Area                      Class C
ATA     Airport Traffic Area                            Class D
CZ      Control Zone                                    Class E
MOA     Military Operations Area
PCA     Positive Controlled Airspace (above 18,000')    Class A
TCA     Terminal Control Area                           Class B
TRSA    Terminal Radar Service Area                     -> Class C or D
        Uncontrolled Airspace                           Class G


A&P Airframe and Powerplant - the basic FAA aircraft maintenance rating
AGL Above Ground Level - distance above the ground you're over right now
AIM Airman's Information Manual
Avgas Aviation gasoline (two primary grades, 80 and 100 octane)
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service - pre-recorded airport weather
BFR Biennial Flight Review - an instructional review session required of
all U.S. pilots once every two years
CAVU Ceiling and visibility unrestricted (clear or scattered, vis > 10 miles)
DUATS Direct User Access Terminal System (on-line weather briefings)
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (this posting)
FS Flight Simulator, usually Microsoft's
IA Inspection Authorization - added to an A&P, allows sign-off of annuals
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions - flying in conditions below
those required for VFR flight; colloquially, "in the clouds"
IMHO in my humble opinion
LTA Lighter Than Air
MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude (IFR)
MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (IFR)
MP Manifold Pressure (usually refers to the gauge which is the primary
indication of power output in aircraft with controllable-pitch props)
MSL Mean Sea Level - altitude above the ocean
Mogas Motor (automotive) gasoline
NORDO No-radio
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
O2 Oxygen (Aviator's Breathing Oxygen, of course!)
OAT Outside Air Temperature
PIC Pilot In Command
POH Pilot's Operating Handbook (the manufacturer's guide to the airplane)
SIC Second In Command
SMOH Since Major Overhaul
STOH Since Top Overhaul (cylinders, etc., but not crankshaft, etc.)
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
SVFR Special VFR - allows VFR flight in the vicinity of an airport in
less than VFR conditions under restricted circumstances
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch [R. Heinlein]
TBO Time Between (or Before) Overhaul
TSO Technical Standard Order
VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions - flying in conditions at least
as good as the minimums required for VFR flight

Frequently-Noted Places
AGC Pittsburgh (Allegheny Co.) PA
BED Hanscom Field, Bedford MA
BMG Bloomington, IN
BOS Boston MA
BVY Beverly MA
CGX Chicago (Meigs) IL
CMH Port Columbus OH
CMI Champaign-Urbana IL
DCA Washington (National) DC
DAY Dayton OH
EFD Ellington Field, Houston TX
HPN White Plains NY
HWD Hayward CA
IAD Dulles International, Washington DC
IAH Houston (Intercontinental) TX
IPT Williamsport PA
LAX Los Angeles CA
LGB Long Beach CA
MVY Martha's Vineyard MA
MYF Montgomery Field, San Diego CA
OAK Oakland CA
ORD Orchard Field, a.k.a O'Hare, Chicago IL
PAO Palo Alto CA
RHV Reid-Hillview Intergalactic, San Jose CA
SFO San Francisco CA
SJC San Jose CA
SMO Santa Monica CA
SNA Santa Ana (Orange County) CA
STL St. Louis (Lambert) MO
TEB Teterboro NJ
VNY Van Nuys CA


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