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7.4. Sierra Club: Contacting Congressional Representatives.


This article is from the Sierra Club FAQ, by Dan Anderson danx@cts.com.

7.4. Sierra Club: Contacting Congressional Representatives.

> Does anyone have or know where I can find a comprehensive list of
> Congressional E-Mail addresses? I have found a few listings but nothing
> that seems complete.

The following is a quote from "The Power of One," _The Planet_ (Oct. 1995,
. . . . E-mail
The newest lobbying method to hit Congress, e-mail is still in its early
stages and not all congressional members can receive it. Those who can
say its use is growing. "Once e-mail becomes more widely accepted and
available, then its popularity will increase," said Doug Booth, press
secretary for Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.).

The White House, which is set up to receive e-mail encourages voters to
use it. Currently, for every e-mail sent, a standard form message is
sent back by an "autoresponder" set up in the system. Stephen Horn,
presidential e-mail director, said that to date, the president has
received over 6000,000 pieces of e-mail, which are read and tallied by
correspondence staff and sent to the president weekly with a few samples
pulled out.

Many lobbyists remain ambivalent, however. I'd rate e-mail at the
bottom of the list of the best ways to lobby," said Frenkel. "Not
everyone has it and your message doesn't always have impact since the
system doesn't list your address. Legislators don't know if you're a
constituent or not, unless you make a point of including your address."
. . . .

Handwritten letters or even faxes are considered better than e-mail
because of the greater perceived difficulty in composing and sending
them. Writing a letter to your local newspaper is also considered
very effective, as published letters are widely read and are considered
a gage of public opinion in Congress.

Letters to Congress tips:

Here's some more Internet resources (contributed by Fred Elbel):
US House Of Representatives:
US Senate:
US Legislative Information on the Internet ("Thomas"):
US White House:
US state and local government:

Remember: if you write your congressional representative, include
your full name and snail mail address.


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