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6. Other Resources On Usenet (Legal Research)


This article is from the Legal Research FAQ, by Mark Eckenwiler with numerous contributions by others.

6. Other Resources On Usenet (Legal Research)

This FAQ is only one of several regular Usenet publications
that address various legal issues. Other valuable sources of
information include:

- Copyright FAQ by Terry Carroll (see 4.2.7 above)
- misc.invest FAQ (discussion of such topics as the "wash sale" rule
and the Uniform Gift to Minors Act)
- misc.consumers FAQ (extensive information on the Fair Credit
Billing Act)
- Social Security Number FAQ by Chris Hibbert (posted to misc.legal
and elsewhere)
- "The Legal List, Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere"
by Erik J. Heels, available via anonymous FTP from ftp.midnight.com
( as pub/LegalList/legallist.txt

Several services sponsored by Cornell University merit special
mention. To automatically receive an e-mailed copy of the syllabus
for each new Supreme Court opinion within a day or two of release,
send a message to listserv@fatty.law.cornell.edu containing the line

subscribe liibulletin [your name]

in the body of the message. You will be added to the mailing list,
and will receive additional information on other commands, including
how to unsubscribe.

Cornell also offers a mail server providing copies of Supreme
Court opinions. To obtain the text of an opinion, send email to
liideliver@fatty.law.cornell.edu containing one or more lines of the

request XX-YYYY

where XX-YYYY is the docket number of the case. The syllabus sent by
liibulletin always includes the docket number for that case.

Users with access to the World-Wide Web should note the URLs for
Cornell's archive of Supreme Court decisions,

the United States Code (slightly out of date),

and for general legal materials,

The authoritative source for pending federal legislation is
Thomas, the service of the Library of Congress, found at

An excellent source for a wide variety of legal materials is
Washburn University's site at

For federal appeals court decisions, see

For information on state statutes, cases, and legislation, see
either of these excellent resources:


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