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44 Naturism: Newsgroups

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This article is from the Naturism FAQ, by Dennis Kirkpatrick recnudefaq@sunclad.com with numerous contributions by others.

44 Naturism: Newsgroups

Besides rec.nude, there is:

o alt.nudism.moderated, established in 1999 in response to growing issues
of off topic postings and "flaming" in rec.nude. This newsgroup may
not be on all news servers as yet but a request to your news
administrator may bring results. Make sure you explain that it is a
"moderated" newsgroup.

o uk.rec.naturist, for discussions of topics pertinent to naturism in
Great Britain.

o aus.culture.naturist for discussion pertinent to naturism in
Australia and New Zealand.

o nl.naturisme, for discussions (in Dutch) of topics pertinent to
naturism in the Netherlands.

o es.rec.naturismo, for discussions (in Spanish) of topics pertinent
to naturism in Spain.

o alt.christnet.nudism, for discussions amongst Christian naturists.

o alt.cult.nudism, which exists for no purpose evident to me (and
gets very little traffic of note, anyway.)

o Regional newsgroups that are specific to a particular geography are
always being added to the choice of Usenet styled newsgroups. Running
a search on the available "Full Group List" from your internet service
provider may turn up one of these groups in your area. Recommended
search terms include "naturist", "naturism", and "nudist" or "nudism",
although you may turn up some newsgroups with questionable agendas in
doing so. A discerning eye will find the right newsgroup.

In those instances when a newsgroup is not available or a request is
refused by a news administrator, a good source for locating newsgroup
material is the free service at <http://www.google.com/> Google.com
With any web browser you can search this service by keyword and topic
and view newsgroup postings from both current and archival material.

Note that the group "alt.binaries.pictures.nudism" is not considered a
naturist group, but is (like most of the alt.binaries.pictures.* groups)
chiefly an outlet for pornography of various types. This group was not
created by naturists (or nudists), and most rec.nude readers want
nothing to do with it. Due to problems with illegal material or
copyright violations of photo authors some servers do not carry this
newsgroup (such as AOL and CompuServe). Various other "nudism" groups
exist for purposes of binary (image) posting that are generally not
supported by most on-line nudists due to association with soft or
hard porn.


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