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02 rec.nude Rules And Etiquette

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This article is from the Naturism FAQ, by Dennis Kirkpatrick recnudefaq@sunclad.com with numerous contributions by others.

02 rec.nude Rules And Etiquette

Observing the following guidelines will make rec.nude a worthwhile
pursuit for all involved.

2.1. rec.nude: Cross-posting

Cross-posting of messages between rec.nude and non-naturist newsgroups
is almost always a bad idea. (See Part 5 for a list of other naturist
newsgroups.) Cross-posting between rec.nude and the various alt.sex.*
newsgroups is an especially bad idea. Threads get confused and the
discussion quickly gets "off track". You should only cross-post between
rec.nude and another newsgroup if the discussion at hand is really,
truly relevant to both groups. This is rarely the case!

2.2. rec.nude: Binary posts

Posting of binary files ("binary" = not text, e.g. pictures) is not
allowed. This is more of a general Usenet rule, rather than a rec.nude
rule; binary posts are only allowed on Usenet in groups specifically
intended for that purpose (which have the word "binaries" in their
names.) Binary posts made to non-binary groups (such as rec.nude) are
often canceled by spam cancelers without notice.

2.3. rec.nude: Posting format

Some recently-released news programs allow you to post messages in
formats other than plain text, such as HTML. Don't do this - not
everyone is "blessed" (some would say "cursed") with these programs,
and your messages will appear unintelligible or worse to these people.
rec.nude posts should be made in plain text to be of benefit to the
most readers. (Some programs allow you to post in both plain text and
HTML in the same message - this is a waste of bandwidth and should be
avoided as well.)

2.4. rec.nude: Replying to messages

When following up or replying to posts on rec.nude, it is usually a
good idea to quote a few lines from the original message, in order to
establish the context. For example, when asking a rec.nude poster for
directions to some place the poster has mentioned, you should quote a
few lines from the post so that the original poster knows which place
you're talking about. But - do not quote the entire original message!
Only quote as much as is necessary to let everyone involved know
what's being discussed. And don't quote things like signatures,
headers etc.

2.5. rec.nude: Harassment, threats, etc.

Do not make harassing, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate posts
to rec.nude, or follow-up/reply in that manner. Don't say anything in a
news post or a mail message that you wouldn't say to that person's
face. Let's try to keep a civil and friendly atmosphere on rec.nude.
Many people who are completely new to naturism read rec.nude, and we'd
hate for them to get the impression that naturists just bicker and
fight and call each other names. (Many would-be naturists have already
left rec.nude in disgust over this very problem, most of them never to
consider naturism again - and that's really too bad.)

Notes: Some states now carry laws against threats against bodily harm
via the on-line medium. As such posters should moderate themselves in
this area or you may be subject to process by the authorities.

2.6. rec.nude: Stay on topic

Discussion which is not germane to the topic of naturism should be
avoided. It is not my duty as FAQ author to dictate which topics are
acceptable and which are not. I suggest that you read rec.nude
carefully for several days before posting, to get a feel for what the
group considers to be proper discussion.

2.7. rec.nude: This is not a pick-up joint

rec.nude is not a place to pick up someone. Personal ads and the like
are not appropriate for this group; please investigate the
alt.personals.* groups if such is your desire.


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