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This article is from the Lefthanders FAQ, by Barry D. Benowitz b.benowitz@telesciences.com with numerous contributions by others.

11. What makes bowling shoes left or right-handed?

Bowling shoes are "handed" by the type of sole that is on the sliding
shoe. Since (most) left-handed bowlers slide with their right foot, the
right shoe is soled with some type of leather or buckskin to aid in
sliding. The left shoe will usually be rubber-soled with a leather or
a textured rubber toe piece. This toe piece is added for extra traction
when "pushing off" on the next-to-last step. Right-handed shoes are
basically mirror images of the left-handed shoes. Most bowling shoes
come in this configuration; however, some manufacturers produce their
low-end bowling shoes in ambidextrous versions -- both shoes have some
type of sliding sole, so they can be used by either left or
right-handers. House shoes are typically this way.

Thanks to: Mark Hideo Fujimoto <fuj@uclink.berkeley.edu>


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