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99. Recommended reading (can.talk.guns)


This article is from the can.talk.guns FAQ, by Skeeter Abell-Smith ab133@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca with numerous contributions by others.

99. Recommended reading (can.talk.guns)

"Gun Control is not crime control" by Gary Mauser of the Canadian
Fraser Forum (1995). ph. (416) 363-6575. About $9.

_Observations on a One-Way Street: The Canadian Firearm Control
Debate,_ by the Shooting Organizations of Canada, [available for a
$5 donation from the Ontario Handgun Association, 2055 Dundas St E,
Unit 105, Mississauga ON L4X 2V9, from the NFA, Box 4384, Station
C, Calgary AB T2T 5N2, and from
[96]http://www.nfa.ca/research/observations/], (1994)

_The Politics of Panic: Registration Will Mean Confiscation_, by the
Shooting Organizations of Canada, Ontario Handgun Association, (1994)

_Misfire: the Black Market and Gun Control_, by John C. Thompson
(May 1995) [available from the Mackenzie Institute, P. O. Box
338 Adelaide Station, Toronto ON M5C 2J4]

_Reasonable and Necessary,_ by David Young, Canadian Academy of
Practical Shooting, (1994)

_Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control_, Gary Kleck,
Aldine DeGruyter (Hawthorne, NY) 1997. 450 pp. ISBN 0-202-

_Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America,_by Gary Kleck,
Aldine de Gruyter, ISBN 0-202-30419-1 (1991)

_Guns: Who Should Have Them?,_David B. Kopel, ed., Prometheus
Books, ISBN 0-87975-958-5 (1995), a book which is an excellent
introduction to the political issues surrounding gun ownership.

_The Samurai, The Mountie, And The Cowboy,_by David Kopel,
Prometheus Books, ISBN 0-87975-756-6, (1992)

_In The Gravest Extreme,_by Massad Ayoob
[available from Police Bookshelf, P.O. Box 122, Concord, NH 03301],
ISBN 0-936297-00-1, (1980)

_The Truth About Self Protection,_by Massad Ayoob, Police Bookshelf,
ISBN 0553-23664-6, (1983)

_Armed and Female: Twelve Million American Women Own Guns,
Should You?,_ by Paxton Quigley, St. Martin's Press, ISBN
0-312-95150-7, (1993)

_Not An Easy Target,_by Paxton Quigley, Simon and Schuster,
ISBN 0-671-89081-6, (1995)

_Firing Back,_by Clayton E. Cramer, Krause Publications,
ISBN 0-87341-344-X, (1994)

_Stopping Power: Why Seventy Million Americans Own Guns,_by J. Neil
Schulman, Synapse-Centurion Books, ISBN 1-882639-03-0, (1994)

_Firearms and violence: issues of public policy,_by Don B.
Kates (ed.) Pacific Institute for Public Policy Research, San
Francisco, California, 1984, ISBN 0884109283. Also, Ballinger,
Cambridge, Massachusetts, ISBN 0884109224 or 0884109232
(paper). Also, ISBN 1884109291 (paper).

_Gun control: you decide,_by Lee Nisbet (ed.) Prometheus Books,
Buffalo, New York, 1990, ISBN 0879756187 (paper).

_The gun culture and its enemies,_by William R. Tonso, (ed.)
Second Amendment Foundation, distributed by Merrill Press,
Bellvue, Washington, 1990, ISBN 0936783052.

_Armed and considered dangerous: a survey of felons and their
firearms,_by James D. Wright, and Peter Henry Rossi. Aldine de
Gruyter, Hawthorne, New York, 1986, ISBN 0202303306 or ISBN

_Under the gun: weapons, crime, and violence in America,_by
James D. Wright, Peter Henry Rossi, and Kathleen Daly. Aldine
de Gruyter, New York, 1983, ISBN 0202303055.

_Gun Control: A reference handbook,_ by Earl R. Kruschke. ABC-CLIO,
Inc. Santa Barbara, 408 pp., (1995), ISBN 0-87436-695-X


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