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24. What is "banned" in Canada?


This article is from the can.talk.guns FAQ, by Skeeter Abell-Smith ab133@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca with numerous contributions by others.

24. What is "banned" in Canada?

LISTED, IT MAY STILL BE "PROHIBITED". "Variants" is a vague term that
includes similar and modified versions of the specified models.

"prohibited weapon" means
(a) any device or contrivance designed or intended to muffle or
stop the sound or report of a firearm,
(b) any knife that has a blade that opens automatically
by gravity or centrifugal force or by hand pressure applied to a
button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the
(c) any firearm, not being a restricted weapon described in
paragraph (c) or
(c.1) of the definition of that expression in this
subsection, that is capable of, or assembled or designed and
manufactured with the capability of, firing projectiles in rapid
succession during one pressure of the trigger, whether or not it
has been altered to fire only one projectile with one such
(d) any firearm adapted from a rifle or shotgun, whether by
sawing, cutting or other alteration or modification, that, as so
adapted, has a barrel that is less than 457 mm in length or that is
less than 660 mm in overall length,
(e) a weapon of any kind, not being an antique firearm or a
firearm of a kind commonly used in Canada for hunting or sporting
purposes, or a part, component or accessory of such a weapon, or
any ammunition, that is declared by order of the Governor in
Council to be a prohibited weapon, or
(f) a large-capacity cartridge magazine prescribed by regulation;
"registration certificate" means a restricted weapon registration
certificate issued under section 109;
[Section 85, Part III, Criminal Code of Canada]

Additionally, the following firearms have been prohibited by Order in
Council (regulation):

- Franchi SPAS 12 and LAW 12 and variants
- Franchi SPAS 15 and variants
- Striker shotgun, Striker 12, Streetsweeper and variants
- USAS-12 Auto Shotgun and variants
- Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun and the Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun, and
variants or modified versions thereof, with the exception of the
M1 Super 90 Field, M1 Super 90 Sporting Special, Montefeltro Super 90,
Montefeltro Super 90 Standard Hunter, Montefeltro Super 90 Left Hand,
Montefeltro Super 90 Turkey, Montefeltro Super 90 Uplander,
Montefeltro Super 90 Slug, Montefeltro Super 90 20 Gauge, Black Eagle,
Black Eagle Limited Edition, Black Eagle Competition, Black Eagle Slug
Gun, Super Black Eagle, and Super Black Eagle Custom Slug; and the
firearms of the designs commonly known as the Bernadelli B4 shotgun
and the Bernadelli B4/B shotgun, and any variants or modified versions

Rifles and Carbines
- American 180 Auto Carbine, Illinois Arms Company Model 180 Auto Carbine,
and variants
- Barrett "Light Fifty" model 82A1, Model 90 rifle and variants
- Calico M-900, M-951, M-100 and M-105 and variants
- Iver Johnson AMAC Long Range Rifle and variants
- McMillan M87, M87R, M88 and variants
- Pauza Specialties P50 Rifle and P50 Carbine and variants
- FAMAS Rifle, MAS 223, FAMAS Export, FAMAS Civil and
Mitchell MAS/22 and variants
- Feather AT-9 Semi-Auto, Feather AT-22 Auto Carbines and variants
- Federal XC-450 Auto Rifle, XC-900, XC-220 and variants
- Gepard long-range sniper rifle and variants
- Heckler and Koch (HK) Model G11 and variants
- Research Armament Industries (RAI) Model 500 Rifle and variants
- Spectre Auto Carbine and variants
- US Arms PMAI "Assault" 22 Rfile and variants
- Weaver Arms Nighthawk Carbine and variants
- A.A. Arms AR9 Semi-Automatic Rifle and variants
- Claridge HI-TEC C, LEC-9, ZLEC-9 carbines and variants
- Kimel Industries AR-9 rifle or carbine and variants
- Grendel R-31 Auto Carbine and variants
- Maadi Griffin Rifle, Maadi Griffin Carbine and variants
- AA Arms Model AR-9 carbine and variants
- Sterling Mk 6 Carbine and variants
- Steyr AUG rifle and variants
- UZI carbine, UZI Model A carbine, Mini-UZI carbine and variants
- AK-47 rifle, and any variant including AK-74, AK Hunter, AKM,
AKM-63, AKS-56S, AKS-56S-1, AKS-56S-2, AKS-74, AKS-84S-1, AMD-65, AR
Model .223, Dragunov, Galil, KKMPi69, M60, M62, M70B1, M70AB2, M76,
M77B1, M78, M80, M80A, MAK90, MPiK, MPiKM, MPiKMS-72, MPiKS, PKM,
PKM-DGN-60, PMKM, RPK, RPK-74, RPK-87S, Type 56, Type 56-1, Type 56-2,
Type 56-3, Type 56-4, Type 68, Type 79, American Arms AKY39, American
Arms AKF39, American Arms AKC47, American Arms AKF47, MAM70WS762,
MAM70FS762, Mitchell AK-22, Mitchell AK-47, Mitchell Heavy Barrel
AK-47, Norinco 84S, Norinco 84S AK, Norinco 56, Norinco 56-1, Norinco
56-2, Norinco 56-3, Norinco 56-4, Poly Technologies Inc. AK-47/S, Poly
Technologies Inc. AKS-47/S, Poly Technologies Inc. AKS-762, Valmet
Hunter, Valmet M76, Valmet M76 carbine, Valmet M78, Valmet M78/A2,
Valmet M78 (NATO) LMG, Valmet M82, and Valmet M82 Bullpup
- Armalite AR-180 Sporter carbine and variants
- Beretta AR70 assault rifle, and any variant or modified version
- BM 59 rifle, and variants, including the Beretta BM 59, BM 59R,
BM 59GL, BM 59D, BM 59 Mk E, BM 59 Mk I, BM 59 Mk Ital, BM 59 Mk II,
BM 59 Mk III, BM 59 Mk Ital TA, BM 59 Mk Ital Para, BM 59 Mk Ital TP
and BM 60CB, and the Springfield Armory BM 59 Alpine, BM 59 Alpine
Paratrooper and BM 59 Nigerian Mk IV
- Bushmaster Auto Rifle and variants
- Cetme Sport Auto Rifle and variants
- Daewoo Kl rifle, and variants, including the Daewoo K1A1, K2, Max 1,
Max 2, AR-100, AR 110C, MAXI-II and KC-20
- Demro TAC-1M carbine, and variants, including the Demro XF-7 Wasp
- Eagle Apache Carbine and variants
- FN-FNC rifle, and variants, including the FNC Auto Rifle, FNC Auto
Paratrooper, FNC-11, FNC-22 and FNC-33;
- FN-FAL (FN-LAR) rifle, and variants, including the FN 308 Model 44,
FN-FAL (FN-LAR) Competition Auto, FN-FAL (FN-LAR) Heavy Barrel 308
Match, FN-FAL (FN-LAR) Paratrooper 308 Match 50-64 and FN 308 Model
- G3 rifle, and variants, including the Heckler and Koch HK 91, HK 91A2,
HK 91A3, HK G3 A3, HK G3 A3 ZF, HK G3 A4, HK G3 SG/1, and HK PSG1;
- Galil assault rifle, and variants, including the AP-84, Galil ARM,
Galil AR, Galil SAR, Galil 332 and Mitchell Galil/22 Auto Rifle;
- Goncz High-Tech Carbine and variants
- Heckler and Koch HK 33 rifle, and variants, including the HK 33A2, HK
33A3, HK 33KA1, HK 93, HK 93A2, and HK 93A3;
- J & R Eng M-68 carbine, and variants, including the PJK M-68 and the
Wilkinson Terry carbine;
- Leader Mark Series Auto Rifle and variants
- MP5 submachine gun and MP5 carbine, and variants, including the Heckler
and Koch HK MP5, HK MP5A2, HK MP5A3, HK MP5K, HK MP5SD, HK MP5SD1, HK
MP5SD2, HK MP5SD3, HK 94, HK 94A2, and HK 94A3;
- PE57 rifle and variants
- SG-550 rifle and SG-551 carbine and variants
- SIG AMT rifle and variants
- Springfield Armory SAR-48 rifle, and variants, including the SAR-48
Bush, SAR-48 Heavy Barrel, SAR-48 Para and SAR-48 Model 22; and
- Thompson submachine gun, and variants, including the Thompson Model
1921, Thompson Model 1927, Thompson Model 1928, Thompson Model M1,
Auto-Ordnance M27A-1, Auto-Ordnance M27A-1 Deluxe, Auto-Ordnance
M1927A-3, Auto-Ordnance M1927A-5, Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1, Commando
Arms Mk I, Commando Arms Mk II, Commando Arms Mk III, Commando Arms Mk
9, and Commando Arms Mk 45

- Bushmaster Auto Pistol and variants
- Calico M-110, M-950 and variants
- Encom MK-IV, MP-9, MP-45 and variants
- Federal XP-450, XP-900 Auto Pistols and variants
- Claridge Hi-Tec Model S, L, T, ZL-9 and ZT-9 Pistols, Goncz
High-Tech Long Pistol and variants
- Heckler and Koch (HK) SP89 Auto Pistol and variants
- Intratec Tec-9 Auto Pistol, Tec-9M, Tec-9MS, Tec-22T, Tec-9S, Tec-22TN,
Tec-22TM, Tec-DC9, Tec-DC9M, Tec-9A, Tec-Scorpion and variants
- Iver Johnson Enforcer Model 3000 Auto Pistol, Plainfield
Super Enforcer Carbine and variants
- Skorpion Auto Pistol and variants
- Spectre Auto Pistol and variants
- Sterling Mk 7, Mk 7C4, Mk7C8 Pistols and variants
- Universal Enforcer Model 3000 Auto Carbine, Model 3010N,
Model 3015G, Model 3020TRB, Model 3025TCO and variants
- US Arms PMAIP "Assault" 22 Pistol and variants
- Leader Mark 5 Auto Pistol and variants
- OA-93 assault pistol and variants
- A.A. Arms AP9 Auto Pistol and variants
- Patriot pistol and variants
- XM 231S pistol, A1, A2 and A3 Flattop pistols and variants
- AA Arms Model AP-9 pistol, Target AP-9, Mini AP-9 pistol and variants
- Kimel Industries AP-9 pistol and variants
- Grendel P-30, P-30 M, P-30 L and P-31 pistols and variants
- Claridge HI-TEC ZL-9, HI-TEC S, HI-TEC L, HI-TEC T, HI-TEC ZT-9 and
HI-TEC ZL-9 pistols and variants
- Steyr SPP Assault Pistol and variants
- Maadi Griffin Pistol and variants
- Interdynamics KG-99 Assault Pistol and variants
- Ingram M10 and M11 pistols, and variants including the Cobray M10 and
M11, the RPB M10, M11, SM10 and SM11 pistols and the SWD M10, M11,
SM10 and SM11 pistols
- the Partisan Avenger Auto Pistol and variants
- UZI pistol and variants including the Micro-UZI pistol

- SSS-1 Stinger (prohibition order extended to other calibres)
- "Taser Public Defender", being a gun or a device similar to a gun
capable of injuring, immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating a person
by the discharge therefrom of darts or any other object carrying an
electric current or substance;
- any device that is designed to be capable of injuring, immobilizing
or incapacitating a person or an animal by discharging an electrical
charge produced by means of the amplification or accumulation of
the electrical current generated by a battery, where the device is
designed or altered so that the electrical charge may be discharged
when the device is of a length of less than 480 mm;

A list of cartridges were declared to be prohibited weapons. The list
includes armour-piercing bullets, explosive and incendiary cartridges,
and exotic shotgun cartridges known as "flechettes" (small pins or

Accessories and Components
One accessory and one component are prohibited. The component is a
"bull-pup" stock, used in modern assault rifles and shotguns to reduce
length for storage and transport, or so the magazine-well is located
behind the trigger of the firearm when the firearm is held in the normal
firing position. The accessory is any trigger enhancement device that
fires semi-automatic firearms at machine gun speeds by rapidly moving
the trigger back and forth.

Current owners of the "banned" firearms are urged to contact
the National Firearms Association (N.F.A.) for further info.
Edmonton Phone: (403) 439-1394 Edmonton FAX: (403) 439-4091
Calgary Phone: (403) 640-1110 Calgary FAX: (403) 640-1144

PLEASE NOTE: certain "banned" firearms may be legally owned by persons
who had one or more of that type registered to them before a certain
date. Please check with the N.F.A. for more information.

Although not firearms, the following are also banned in Canada:
- "nunchaku" and any similar instrument or device, being hard
non-flexible sticks, clubs, pipes or rods linked by a length or lengths
of rope, cord, wire or chain;
- "shuriken", being a hard non-flexible plate having three or more
radiating points with one or more sharp edges in the shape of a
polygon, trefoil, cross, star, diamond or other geometric shape;
- "manrikigusari" or "kusari", and any similar instrument or device,
being hexagonal or other geometrically shaped hard weights or hand
grips linked by a length or lengths of rope, cord, wire or chain; and
- any finger ring that has one or more blades or sharp objects that are
capable of being projected from the surface of the ring.
- "crossbow", with a stock of 400 mm or less
- "Constant Companion", being a belt containing a blade capable of being
withdrawn from the belt, with the buckle of the belt forming a handle
for the blade
- any knife commonly known as a "push-dagger" that is designed in such a
fashion that the handle is placed perpendicular to the main cutting
edge of the blade; and any other similar device but not including the
aboriginal "ulu" knife.
- "Spiked Wristband", being a wristband to which a spike or blade is
affixed; and any other similar device
- "Yaqua Blowgun", being a tube or pipe designed for the purpose of
shooting arrows or darts by the breath; and any other similar device
- "Kiyoga Baton" or "Steel Cobra" and any similar device consisting of a
manually-triggered telescoping spring-loaded steel whip terminated in a
heavy calibre striking tip;
- "Morning Star" and any similar device consisting of a ball of metal or
other heavy material, studded with spikes and connected to a handle by
a length of chain, rope or other flexible material.
- "Brass Knuckles" and any similar device consisting of a band of metal
with finger holes designed to fit over the root knuckles of the hand.
- Any device designed to be used for the purpose of injuring,
immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating any person by the discharge
therefrom of
(a) tear gas, Mace or other gas, or
(b) any liquid, spray, powder or other substance that is capable of
injuring, immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating any person,


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