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A5-5) Diabetes


This article is from the Big Folks Health FAQ, by sharon@ecs.ox.ac.uk (Sharon Curtis) with numerous contributions by others.

A5-5) Diabetes

In a person with diabetes, the pancreas' production of insulin is
affected, which in turn affects the regulation of the level of sugar
in the blood. There are different types of diabetes. The bodies of
people with Type I diabetes produce no insulin, whereas people with
Type II diabetes do some produce some insulin, but it is either not enough,
or defective.

Type I diabetes is less common in larger people; Type II diabetes is
more common in larger people. Most diabetics are Type II. The disease
is also genetically linked, and affects and is affected by weight.

The Pima Indians have the world's highest incidence of both fatness
and diabetes. However, the Pima women with the longest life spans
are 200% of "ideal" weight, and the men 145%.

Treatment concerns the regulation of insulin levels; this can sometimes
be done with injections and sometimes by a combination of exercise and
diet (whatever the diabetic's weight):
regular activity causes the muscles to use glucose, and counteracts the
problem to some extent irregardless of weight loss. Dividing total
caloric intake into a larger number of smaller meals also helps to
avoid overtaxing your regulatory system.

If you get diabetes, you owe it to yourself to find out as much as
you can about it, and your body's particular version of it. It is
a serious disease that needs careful control, as it is associated
with greatly increased risks of cardiovascular disease, strokes and
other diseases.

There is a mailing list for fat diabetics and hypoglycemics who are
looking for a place to discuss their condition and their lives in a
fat-accepting atmosphere. To get information about this list, send an
email to majordomo@psc.edu with the content: info fa-diab


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